You Have Not a Leg to Stand On book review


This book is about a man named DD Mayers who gets into a bad car accident in Africa.  He finds out his back is broken and he will never walk again since he was paralyzed from the waist down.

He becomes depressed and suicidal about being a paraplegic.  His wife is always there taking care of him and pushing him forward.  Even though he’s bound to a wheelchair, Dennis and his wife travel around the world.  He goes to an ashram in India who’s a healer with no success.  He wants to buy a farm in the USA, but the deal never goes through.  .

He wakes up from his depression 7 years later since his family and friends make him realize that life is worth living.

The story then goes to his early life when he went to boarding school against his will. He never voiced that he would rather stay at home with his parents on their farm in Kenya.

He felt complete when he was at home, but instead his parents spent so much money trying to give him a good start in life with all his schooling.

When he was older, he got a job in London where he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing.

He ended up acting in London which he really loved.

He ended up being a stage manager in Nairobi and that’s where he met his future wife.

In 1967, his dad gives him a Toyota Estate since the car was dying.  He wanted to take a trip in his car with his girlfriend from Nairobi to London.  They find a girl to chaperone them on their drive.  They didn’t have much money, but they wanted to create a whole new life together in London.

During their travels, they have many adventures while camping out.  The trio get along great.  They get to see many beautiful sights like Petra, Golgotha, The Way of the Cross, Mount of Olives and Bethlehem.  They were allowed to freely travel the Middle East since there was some peace at this time.

They made it back to England, got married and bought a house. 

Later in life, they decide to buy a plantation to sell passion fruit juice.

His relatives are getting older and dying.  He feels pity for them even though he never pitied his own situation. 

This autobiography is a great read filled with many interesting stories. He achieved quite a lot in his lifetime.  His wife was always his rock and made sure he never gave up on life.  Sometimes it gets a little confusing because sometimes I’m wasn’t sure when a story took place since the story isn’t told in chronological order.

Go buy yourself a copy of the You Have Not a Leg to Stand On book in the USA, or in the UK.

Check out DD Mayer’s Tumbler page.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DD Mayers. All opinions are my own.

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