Things to do in Dallas with Young Kids

Recently, we took a trip to Dallas during Spring Break. We always like to see new things so our kids can have some fun. Here are a few things to do with young kids.


KidZania is a cool museum is like a little city just for kids. Kids can get a variety of jobs like a firefighter, delivery person, pizza maker, etc. The kids earn points on their credit card. There’s a store where the kids can choose toys to buy with their points.

It’s good to set up your credit card at the bank. Then, the kids will be able to earn their points at the jobs. You can also set up their passport. The kids take a picture which is placed in their passport, just like a real one!

The guy who sold us our tickets recommended that we go to the fire station first since this was the most popular job in KidZania.  George and Theo went through training to learn how to become a firefighter.

Next, all the kids put on their firemen hats and shuffled onto the fire truck. It was time to put out a big fire at a building nearby. The parents got to follow the fire truck and check out the action! The kids got off the truck and started putting out the fire with their hoses. It was so cute!

Another fun job is pizza maker. My boys loved making their own pizza creation. We had lunch earlier, so we decided to take it home for dinner later on.

George and Theo had fun making their own Kinder egg from start to finish. They even got to choose their own toy that goes inside their egg. 

Peppa Pig World of Play

Peppa Pig World of Play looks like you stepped right into the cartoon. It’s soo cute and highly themed. There are 14 themed areas to explore like George’s Fort, Rebecca Rabbit’s Underground Adventure, and Miss Rabbit at The Supermarket.

Peppa Pig at Peppa Pig World of Play DFW

The boys loved Madame Gazelle’s School Bus Trip where they sang and George got to be the bus driver.

Another cool area is Grandad Dog’s Garage where the boys cycled around on tricycles. We all loved jumping down in Muddy Puddles with Peppa and her family. You can visit Peppa Pig’s House and eat a meal.

Theo loved the Theatre. He loved jumping off the stage and performing his Spiderman moves. People like to relax and watch Peppa Pig episodes here.

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas has lots of cool stuff for the kids. We spent a lot of time in the kid section.

Daffy Duck's Bucket Blasters

There are so many great rides like Bugs Bunny Cloud Bouncer, Daffy Duck’s Bucket Blasters, Marvin the Martian Space Rockets, Batwing, Silver Star Carousel, Runaway Mine Train, and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.

Six Flags has lots of great thrill rides for the older kids like El Diablo, Harley Quinn Spinsanity, Superman: Tower of Power, The Riddler Revenge, and Titan. The theming at Six Flags Over Texas is okay. You definitely come here for the fun roller coasters.

Perot Museum of Science and Nature

My son George is obsessed with dinosaurs, so we knew we had to check out the Perot Museum of Science and Nature for the dinosaur bones. He wasn’t too impressed, but I’m not sure he fully understood that it was actual dinosaur bones he was seeing. Life Then and Now Exhibit has many full-size dinosaur skeletons.

T. Rex at Perot Museum of Science & Nature

The boys liked making their own dinosaurs with special skills and fighting against each other. So cute!

Engineering and Innovation Hall is pretty cool. The boys loved controlling their own robots in the robot arena.

We had fun putting animals on our heads. You get to pick the animal and change its hairstyle. It was cool making music on the big music sequencer.

The kids had fun going up and down the musical stairs. You step and it makes a sound.

 The Children’s Museum is for children 5 years old and younger. We had fun pretending like we were camping by eating at the table and sleeping in the tent.

Camping at The Children's Musuem at Perot Museum of Science & Nature

The indoor playground has a skyline of Dallas. It’s fun to pretend to be an archaeologist and dig up dinosaur bones in the sandpit outside. There’s a grocery store to go shopping. The boys like creating things in the water area.

Save time for the outside area in the front of the museum. They have a pond where the kids love to splash around and walk in. I love the big green frogs that decorate the grass area. 

Dallas is a great place for families with young kids. I hope you get to explore the city and have some fun! 








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