The Big Feastival 2018

Ivan, George, Theo and I checked out of The Bell on August 24, 2018. Ivan drove us to The Big Feastival. It’s a family festival that has great food, entertainment,¬†and music.

The Big Feastival entrance

It’s on the farm of Alex James. Alex James is the bassist for the band Blur. The festival has campgrounds. Right now, we think George and Theo are too young for camping at a festival.

We bought a wagon, so we didn’t have to push around two strollers. We put down blankets and two pillows in the wagon and then placed the boys in the wagon and went to check out the festival.

The boys in the wagon at The Big Feastival

We walked around to see all the different food tents and activities for the kids. Lots of food stalls and tents had free samples.

Hippeas truck

Ivan, George, Theo and I had so many samples that we didn’t need to buy lunch. We really liked the Aleppo tent since they gave out yogurt cups with fruit in it. Yummy!

We went to the Hasbro area.

George and Play-Doh

We took a photo in the My Little Pony trailer. George loved playing with the Play-Doh. It was fun shooting cars at the Nerf stall.

The boys loved playing in the fun tents. We saw a circus tent where the Ivan and George put on a puppet show.

Ivan putting on a puppet show for Theo

The boys really liked sitting on the tower of hay bales.

The boys on the hay bale towers

There was a great view of The Big Feastival from up there.

The Big Feastival from the hay bales

We watched the band Omyo in the Udder Stage tent.

Stopped by the Volvo tent. They were making free t-shirts for families with your family name. I waited and line and gave our information.

We saw Alex James DJing in the Cheese Hub with his son. He looked like he was having lots of fun!

We stopped to get a drink and relax for a bit.

Having a drink at The Big Feastival

We found a tent where you could make crafts. I helped the boys make festival headbands. They turned out really cute!

Ivan and me with our festival headbands on

We left The Big Feastival at 4:20 pm. Good thing we left since it started raining when we were driving.

We checked in to the bed n’ breakfast The Limes. It is run by an English couple with their two daughters in their home. Ivan and I had tea with the boys in the community room (living room). I worked on the blog while drinking my tea.

Later that evening, Ivan drove us back to The Big Feastival. Ivan and I had Buddha Bowls for dinner. They have won awards for their tasty bowls. It really was so yummy!

Headed to see Basement Jaxx.

Basement Jaxx at The Big Feastival

We all danced around to the great music! Walked around and the boys fell asleep in the wagon. The Big Feastival’s site is big, so my feet were tired from walking around so much. Ivan drove us back to the bnb for the night.

On August 25th, we walked around Stow-on-the-Wold.

Ivan found a great place for lunch called Lucy’s Tea Room. Ivan and I shared the tomato soup.

Tuna Melt at Lucy's Tea Room

I had the tuna and cheese melt while Ivan had a tuna sandwich. The food was good.

Eating at Lucy's Tea Room in Stow

Walked around Stow more and then back to bnb.

The Big Feastival Day 2

Ivan drove us to The Big Feastival at 3:15 pm. We went to the main stage to see Peter Hook & The Light. Peter Hook was the bassist and co-founder of Joy Division and New Order. He sang a few songs from his band and songs from Joy Division and New Order.

Ivan and I were loving the Joy Division New Order songs. I haven’t heard most of the songs in years!

Cool boots decor at The Big Feastival

There are lots of cool decor and tents around the festival. I saw a cool bar that has sand in the bar so the kids can play while you drink!

Ivan wanted to have some tea. We stopped for some tea and shared a tasty flapjack.

Tea and a flapjack

We went to the Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm tent. We got to hold a baby chick. So cute! The boys saw some rabbits and pet one. George and Theo liked riding on the toy tractors.

I love the face in the tree which is a regular at the festival.

Face in the tree at The Big Feastival

One of the tents was having a quiz where you had to guess songs. We missed joining in on the quiz. But, they were playing the songs and the boys loved dancing around. Theo laid down on the ground and kicking – interesting dance moves!

Theo's dancing on the ground

It was time for a little picnic. George, Theo and I sat down on a blanket while Ivan went to buy a cheese board and cider.

Alex James cheese board at The Big Feastival

Ivan bought an Alex James cheese board which came with brie, goats cheese, and blue cheese. It also came with apples, onions, Oxford sourdough, and tomato jam. Delish! George liked helping us cut the cheese with the plastic knife.

George cutting the cheese

We came across another dance party in a tent. Theo liked playing with the blow-up saxophone. He was trying to give it to people. The people dancing were trying to show him how to pretend blow into the saxophone. How cute!

Saw a big firepit, but we couldn’t join in since it was so busy. It was getting cold.

We walked around more. Theo fell asleep. Ivan went to watch Craig David while George watched videos on Ivan’s phone and I took it easy.

Swinging at the Patron tent

George liked pushing me on the big swing at the Patron tent when Ivan was enjoying the music.

Ivan and I each had a paella from Paellaria.

Paellaria stand

It was so delicious!!

It’s been so cool being at a festival that has lots to do for adults and kids.

Ivan drove us back to The Limes and we soon went to bed since we were so knackered.

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