Teddy Bear Derby

Ivan, George, Theo and I checked out of The Limes bnb on August 27, 2018. We drove to Lower Slaughter for a fête. A fête is an outdoor entertainment event which includes stalls selling goods, homemade food to buy, and games.

Fête in Lower Slaughter, England

Ivan bought George a boat for the boat race. His boat was #16.

Boat race at the fête in Lower Slaughter, England

The boat was doing good and looked like he might win. But, then it started turning around. His boat came in 4th place. Too bad he didn’t win!

Went to check out the dog show. There were so many cute dogs.

Dog Show

We saw a few categories: Most Handsome, Best Bitch (Girls), and Best Puppy.

We walked around Lower Slaughter. For lunch, we went to the River Cafe Terrace.

Ivan and Theo looking at the ducks

Ivan and I shared a Mediterranean quiche and a mature cheddar cheese & red onion chutney sandwich. George had some of the cheese sandwich.

View from the River Cafe Terrace

It was a great cafe with a pretty view of the field, river and the ducks.

Lower Slaughter is quite pretty. I loved the flags in front of these houses.

Pretty houses with flags in Lower Slaughter

Ivan drove us to Bampton. This is where Downton Abbey was filmed.

Donkey Derby

We were going to the Donkey Derby. Donkey Derby is where kids ride donkeys and race them.

Donkeys racing at the Donkey Derby in Bampton

Everybody can bet on which donkey they think will win. Ivan and I each bet on a donkey. We didn’t win three times!

Lost at the Donkey Derby betting

It was fun seeing the kids race and trying to win money on the donkeys.

We all shared a Victoria Sponge cake and a carrot cake.

Victoria Sponge & Carrot Cake at the Donkey Derby

Ivan and I had each drank a tea. The cakes were so tasty especially the carrot cake.

Lots of games were available to play at the Donkey Derby. Ivan and George tried Splat the Rat! It was really hard though since you had to try to splat a Malteser.

Splat the Rat! game

Usually, a sock filled with sand is used which is easier to hit.

Ivan and George were first for the plate-smashing stall. They didn’t smash one though.

I did it with Theo and we didn’t smash anything neither.

Took a walk around Bampton. It’s a pretty little place. We took a picture of Church of Saint Mary Virgin which is St Michaels and All Angel Church in Downton Abbey.

Ivan drove us to Milton-under-Wychwood. We checked into a bnb called Hilborough House. We were greeted by the friendly owner Ian. He asked if we needed help with our luggage. Ivan said no. He told us about the restaurants nearby. We headed to the third floor for the family room. Ivan said that this bnb used to be a pub. Very cool!

Ivan brought our luggage up to our room. It was lucky that a cool playground was right across the street!

We chilled in the room for a while. Ivan wanted to go to The Milton Hare which was walking distance from the bnb, but they were all booked up. Drove to the Wychwood Inn for dinner. It was Burger night. There was a deal for £11.95 you get a burger with fries and a wine or beer. Ivan and I shared the courgette and parmesan soup for our starter.

Beef Burger with an egg

I had a beef burger with an egg while Ivan had a veggie burger. We each got a Pino Grigio. The food was delectable.

On August 28th, we had breakfast at the bnb. We got cereal and yogurt for the boys with blueberries. Ivan and I got some cereal and muesli. Ian came to take our order for hot food. Ivan and I ordered eggs with baked beans which came with mushrooms. Ian brought out tasty chocolate croissants.

George took Dr. Chimp with us on the car ride. Ivan drove us to Broadway. Here, we took a train ride to Winchcombe. The views were pretty filled with animals and lots of green fields.

Animals in the field in England

Teddy Bear Picnic

At Winchcombe, lots of teddy bears were everywhere for the Teddy Bear Picnic which happens on Tuesdays. On the grass, they had a couple of picnic blankets with teddy bears and fake toy food for the kids and teddy bears.

We grabbed a blanket and sat down. Ivan went to buy us food. George and Theo had fun with the fake toys.

Ivan bought cheese and onion sandwiches and a cider for us to share. It was tasty.

Feeding the teddy bears at the Teddy Bear Picnic

It was fun feeding the teddy bears lunch. It’s such a cute idea for kids. Dr. Chimp was having fun with the teddy bears.

The teddy bears & Dr. Chimp

The boys really liked the Teddy Bear Picnic.

Walked to see the train sets on one of the old train cars.

Got the train back to Broadway.

Taking the train in England

We walked around Broadway and Ivan found a cool playground.

Went to Tisane’s Tea Room for tea, scones and a Bakewell tart.

Bakewell tart, tea and a scone at Tisane's

Everything was so tasty especially the Bakewell tart. I need to make a healthy version when I get back home.

Broadway in England

Ivan, George, Theo and I walked around Broadway more. It’s a great little town.

Cute buildings in Broadway, England

We have seen many great villages and towns in England. It would definitely be a great place to retire in someday. Too bad the weather isn’t good most of the year.

Ivan drove us back to the bnb where we chilled and used the internet.

For dinner, we walked to The Milton Hare. This pub has won Oxfordshire’s best pub award. We thought we would treat ourselves since it’s pricey. Ivan and I each had a Parsnip and Apple soup. We shared the grilled Cornish sardines and the risotto which came with garden peas, roasted vegetables, goats cheese and lemon.

Grilled Cornish Sardines

The food was so delicious. It definitely deserves the best pub award they won.

My throat was feeling bad, so I got some sore throat medicine at the shop next to the bnb before heading back to the place for the night.

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