Staying Healthy During a Pandemic

My husband and I have been making sure to stay healthy during the pandemic. 


I listened to Kevin Rose’s podcast when Dr. Andrew Weil was on and he suggested coronavirus tactics.

Our daily supplements:

Daily Multi-Vitamin – Women’s & Men’s
Vitamin C 
Mushroom Spray
Green Tea – Matcha is the best!

We have been making sure to take our supplements to stay healthy during the coronavirus time. I haven’t been sick since January, so I do believe our supplements work!


 I’ve been waking up early and working out when my boys are sleeping. I love the feeling of working out! It makes me feel stronger and happier.

My favorite workouts are from Blogilates. Check out one of my Workout Day playlist. I want to reach my goal of 105 lbs. I’ve actually lost 3 pounds during the quarantine.


I love to meditate to clear my mind. It’s so great for stress, anxiety, and sleep! My favorite meditation apps are Wave, Calm, and Oak. Meditation makes me feel happier.

What are you doing to stay healthy?

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2 thoughts on “Staying Healthy During a Pandemic

  1. I’m about to have surgery for my foot but can’t wait to get back to exercising!

    1. I love the feeling exercise gives me. We biked during the quarantine, so that’s why I think I lost weight.

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