Skyscraper Eatucation

We took it easy on August 20, 2018. I worked on the blog. Ivan and I walked around Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea.

Shoeburyness in Southend-on-Sea

That night, Ivan, George, Theo, Denise, Ken and I went to dinner at the Meadowlark. Ivan had a vegetarian jalfrezi and I had the Thai chili salmon. My dish was ok. Theo had bread and banana that Denise brought. George had fish and chips. George and Theo each had a chocolate brownie for dessert. I’ve been eating so much this trip. I think I gained 5 pounds!

Ivan and I woke up early and left the house at 10:20 am on August 21st. We got the train to London. We went to Guy’s Hospital. We were going to recreate the Lunch atop a Skyscraper picture.

It was to advertise Deliveroo and some of the companies that deliver food with Deliveroo. The food we had was KFC. I had a chicken burger from KFC and Ivan had a veggie burger from Chloe’s. I wish I had the heahtly food. It was so scary up there.

Lunch atop a Skyscraper

I didn’t want to look down since it was too scary to do so! It was such a cool experience!

We went to Tottenham Court Road Station.

Tottenham Court Station

This is my favorite tube station since it’s decorated in a great colorful design. Outside, we heard a cool beatboxer named Mr Fox. He was awesome!

Mr. Fox is an amazing beatboxer

You should check him out here.

We went shopping at Primark. I picked up some clothes, jewelry and accessories and Ivan bought clothes. I made a cute customized t-shirt with Minnie Mouse on it for £8. Ivan and I shared a wrap at Pret a Manger.

Checked out Swingers which is a bar with miniature golf. We wanted to play, but they were all booked up.

Me and a Ferris Wheel at Swingers

They have lots of cool decor around the mini-golf course.

Got the train to New Cross area. Waited outside the shed for our next event to start.

The Faculty of Eatucation

We went inside for The Faculty of Eatucation.

Faculty of Eatucation sign

Ivan and I checked in and were told we were at the Violetta table. The bar was really cool with test tubes above it. We put our bags away and got our welcome drink. The welcome drink had a syringe in it. You press flavor in your drink by putting the liquid in your drink.

Took a seat at Violetta table. Cups of popcorn were on the table for snacks. We were sitting with three other sets of friends. Our table wasn’t filled up, so two spaces were free which was nice since I didn’t have to sit by anybody on my right.

Welcome Drink, Student Workbook, Popcorn and Safety Goggles

Every student was given a Student Workbook. One of the lab assistants told us to fill out the Icebreaker question and fill out the Flavourality quiz on page 2.

The tables were houses and named after potatoes. The Houses would get points for raising our hand first and choosing the correct answer. Ivan and I got a bottle of white wine to share.

The first topic was the Culinary Catalyst. We would be making an appetizer using Chemistry. We were given a petri dish with a green substance in it.

Putting the ingredients in the petri dish

We put sprinkles on top. Next, we put a liquid in a dropper on top and then we had to spray a catalyst on top.

Putting the catalyst on

It was challenging trying to guess each thing. I thought the green part was kale, but it was actually parsley. Our team leader Kylie put our creations into the oven and it cooked for a few minutes. Our dishes came out a few minutes later cooked which was a lovely dish with parsley, cauliflower, and fennel.

Our appetizer creation

So cool!

The second topic was Flavourality. Ivan and I took our quizzes and we’re both Adventurous. The quiz said we enjoy hot flavours. We put toppings on sushi pieces based on our quiz answers and what the professor told us to do.

House Violetta was doing really good. We were in first place!

We watched a funny video Sense Ed for the 3rd topic Sense Manipulation.

3 types of Profiteroles

It was time to guess what was inside the profiteroles the lab assistants brought out. Ivan and I were partners. We both put on gloves. I put on a blindfold.

Me with gloves and a blindfold on

It was funny tickling your partner while they were blindfolded and feeding them the profiterole. We had to guess the two ingredients in the 3 profiteroles. I didn’t do good, I only guessed 2 out of 6. I’m not good at guessing different flavors.

The next topic was Maxi-Wave. We had to guess what years certain products were introduced.

Me with a collander on my head

House Violetta was doing badly after this round. Darn it!

Dinner at The Faculty of Eatucation

Our main course was chorizo, confit duck & white bean cassoulet with thyme gremolata and Glamorgan sausage & heritage carrot cassoulet with thyme for the vegetarian option for Ivan. We had a big serving platter of violetta potatoes and salad of green beans and baby leaves. It was all very tasty!

The last section was really fun. The tables were cleared and two long sheets of parchment paper covered the table. We were going to create a unique dessert with dark & white chocolate spheres, meringues, blood orange gel, orange segments, honeycomb shards and dark chocolate sauce. Our table decided to make cock and balls. Each side wanted to make their own. It was so much fun!!

Our dessert creation

Can you guess which side Ivan and I helped create? I guess we should have made only one cock and balls and something else. Some of the other tables got really creative and used the bowls that the maltesers were in to create something cool. We didn’t win, but we had a blast creating our own dessert. It was now time to eat it.

The group took a big class picture.

Group photo at The Faculty of Eatucation

The Faculty of Eatucation was a fabulous experience. We really liked creating different food, eating and having fun. I had the most fun making the dessert. You should definitely do this if you get the chance! It was so well done and so many details everywhere from the posters on the wall to the cool student workbook.

Ivan told me that Londoners are looking for more types of entertainment. They have been coming up with great immersive theatre experiences like The Faculty of Eatucation. I really love the immersive theatre shows since it’s fun to interact with the actors. It’s great to feel like you’re part of this new world or in this case a classroom. I wish Las Vegas had more immersive theatre experiences.

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