SiMignon Bamboo Baby Washcloths review

Washcloths are so essential for babies and kids. SiMignon Baby Bamboo Washcloths come in a package of six: 3 green & 3 white. The packaging is great with a bow tied around each washcloth. 

SiMignon Bamboo Baby Washcloths

Super cute!

The washcloths are unbelievably soft since they’re made out of bamboo rayon. They’re thick and I love how big they are. The measurements are 10 x 10 inches. We have baby washcloths and they’re soo small. 

SiMignon Bamboo Baby Washcloths pyramid

Ivan used the washcloths during George’s bath time. They’re really absorbent because of the loops. The soap lathers up really good.

I wiped George’s face after eating with the washcloths. He’s so messy! I don’t know how he gets food in his hair and on his eyebrow. The food wipes up just fine without any water. 

George's face getting cleaned with a SiMignon Bamboo Baby Washcloth

Decided to try out the washcloths for me. I used it to dry my face and taking off make-up. It works quite well. The washcloths feel great against my skin.

To make sure the washcloths last a long time, it’s recommended to wash the washcloths in cold water and hang it to dry. Placing them in the dryer after drying makes them softer. 

I really love these washcloths. These washcloths can be used for other things like as a mini gym towel, wipes for a diaper change and cleaning up food messes after you wiped your kid’s face. I would love to see more washcloth colors like pink, blue and yellow.

Go buy the great washcloths here or buy one as a gift for a baby shower.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by SiMignon.  All opinions are my own.  May contain affiliate links.

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29 thoughts on “SiMignon Bamboo Baby Washcloths review

  1. I would give these to my coworker’s grand daughter who had a baby. These are really cute

    1. I bet your grandkids would like how soft the SiMignon Bamboo Baby Washcloths feel.

  2. I’m torn between just keep them for my daughter’s use or giving them as part of a baby gift to a friend who just had a baby boy three days ago. It would be a tough choice!

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