Random Thoughts

Many random thoughts cross my mind.  I would love to share them with you and maybe get some answers.

What happened to Coolio? I can still see his dreadlocks and that crazy look on his face.

Coolio sticking a finger in his ear

Mad Cow Disease.  Do you think the cows were mad with that name?  The cows use to talk about the cows with mental issues and say they had mad cow disease.  Now, they have to come up with something new…

Why do baby clothes have pockets? What are they going to keep in there.. rocks, dirt and snacks. I just don’t understand why fake pockets aren’t just put in – which I have actually seen.


George says he keeps girls numbers in his pockets.  Gotta watch out – I got a playboy in the making.

Where does the missing socks go?  Sometimes, they get lost in the closet, behind or in the washer or dryer.  I was wondering if they ran away because they didn’t like their twin brother or sister.  Maybe they got in a big argument.

Who started the trend that socks look good with sandals?! It looks wrong.  It’s not fashionable.  Maybe the person thinks that they don’t want to show their ugly feet, so they cover them with socks.  Or they think their feet won’t get sweaty if they wear socks.  Below are some examples to show you how wrong it looks.  No, just no!

Black Nike socks with Adidas sandals

White Nike socks with wedges

After searching for pictures on Google.. it’s actually cool to do this, but it has to be done right.  I saw it on the runway and also on Sarah Jessica Parker and the Olsen twins.

Sarah Jessica Parker rocking socks with sandals

I’m not sure everybody can make it look good.  If you’re going to try this.. at least try to make it look cute please.

Pitch Perfect 2 was ok.  The first one was so much funnier and the soundtrack was so catchy.  How come the first movies are usually the best in a series?  Ok, I agree Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings don’t fall into this category.  Usually, the first movie does great at the box office and they just mess up the second one and sometimes the third one and so on…

How did we get a few forks and spoons that don’t match any of the sets we have? Uhh, where did they come from?  It’s like the opposite of socks.

Why are there so many snaps on George’s pajamas?! How annoying.  I prefer the pjs with zippers.  I usually mess it up if I go from bottom to top.  Going from top to bottom makes sure you do it right the first time – unless you miss that top bottom.  Still takes forever.

Human centipede 3 was so stupid. What a waste of time.  The first one was the best.. which just proves the first movies are usually best thought.  Go watch it, if you haven’t seen it yet.  It’s a great thriller movie.

What are some of your random thoughts?  Do you have any opinions or answers for me? Share them below!

Photo Credits: Coolio, Adidas sandal, Nike Tokyo sandal and Sarah Jessica Parker

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7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I could been wrong but I think the buttons on the pj’s are so when it’s cold you can change their diaper without them getting all nakie and stuff 😉 and I disagree on the sandals/socks, nobody can pull it off lol. Where *is* Coolio?

    1. Kitty – I did forget about only opening up part of their pajamas to get to their diaper. I still prefer the zip since it’s more convenient and faster. I’m coming around on the sandals with socks trend… but only with girls if it’s cute socks with sandals. I would never try it coz I don’t think you need something else when you’re putting on sandals. Coolio hasn’t been seen on tv since 2013. My friend posted that her husband saw Coolio in Vegas wearing a hat. I guess he’s just chillin’.

  2. Jeremy recently ran into Coolio at Trop stop here in Vegas wearing this hat.

     photo cliohat.jpg

    1. I think Sarah Jessica Parker just barely pulls it off. Thanks for #TheList. I’ve discovered some great blogs on there. 🙂

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