Random Thoughts 4

It’s time for another post on Random Thoughts.  It’s been awhile – I guess I haven’t been thinking enough since I haven’t written a Random Thoughts post since July. 

Famjam – It sounds to me that you and your family are going to sing a bunch of tunes.

What happened to Alicia Silverstone? She was so good in Clueless.

Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

I think Batman & Robin might have killed her acting career.  When researching the name of the Batman movie, I found out that Alicia Silverstone is still around and has a website about living a healthy and happy life.

When I drive in Cruise control, I feel like I don’t have control of the car and I’m in a runaway train.  But then again, I remember I can brake and I’m fine.

LEGO soap

Have you ever seen the soap that looks like LEGOs?  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to massage myself with it or do I call to get a bunch more to make a boat to float in the bathtub.  You can actually make your own LEGO soap and Lego men. 

The lyrics “Always have to steal my kisses from you” from the song Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper.  She’s obviously not into him because he has to steal his kisses from her or maybe she just doesn’t like to kiss.  Who doesn’t like to kiss, though?

Wouldn’t it be funny if men still had cute animals on their butts as adults?!

Monkey on the butt

Who really plays the triangle? You don’t ever go “Wow, did you see that trianglist (is that even a word?!) play? He was jamming!” George loves playing the triangle.  I got him on video on Periscope playing it.  A girl watching said I play the triangle in band. We’re twins!  I thought that was cute but got me thinking about triangles.  She probably needs to choose a better instrument that she can play.  I think triangles are only useful for this. Watch the video below!


I’m assuming that Mickey and Minnie are married. 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse on their wedding day

How come Mickey and Minnie Mouse don’t have kids? Why do they live in separate houses?  They live next door to each other.  I guess Disney wanted Mickey and Minnie to be pure and innocent.  This may be sending the wrong message to kids.  If you’re married, live in separate houses to make it work.  I found this great page that states that Mickey and Minnie never got married on screen, but they’re married in real life.

What are your random thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 4

  1. Haha! Love the randomness of this post. I’ve wondered the same thing about Minnie & Mickey. Also Donald & Daisy live in separate homes. IDK if they’re married. I think the mice are married and the ducks are dating. A the triplets… no one ever explains why they’re staying with their uncle Donald. LOL

    1. I think weird things sometimes. I looked it up and Donald and Daisy are just boyfriend and girlfriend. Daisy is the sister of Donald’s brother-in-law. Daisy’s brother married Donald’s twin sister, Della Duck, and they have three kids Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck. I’m not sure why their triplets live with their Uncle Donald. We can only imagine…

    1. Cruise control is great, but seems like you’re outta control! Mickey and Minnie are married. I wonder why there were no little Mickey or Minnies, though. That would be super cute! Thanks.

  2. Wow, your randomness is quite aweseome. I think having adjoining hoises as a married couple would work for a lot of people, maybe they are onto something.
    My random song lyrics thought is why would a room without a roof be a happy thing (Farrells song Happy).
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything
    Tracey Abrahams recently posted…Happy Diary – New Year, New DietMy Profile

  3. I do that sometimes to usually while driving or taking a shower. For example when we go swimming why do they call them bathing suits if we aren’t bathing. That’s why I always call them swim suits and why call them suits at all they aren’t suits? If Blue is such a pretty color and makes so many happy why does it also mean “being sad’ ? Just a few of my random thoughts lol.
    Rhonda Martin recently posted…New Tech Gadget Coming Spring 2016My Profile

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