Random Thoughts 2

I’m back with another edition of Random Thoughts.  I think of a lot of weird things and it’s good to share them and get other people’s opinions.

Can we really make money from gold in our poop?  It just sounds too good to be true.  I hope no fool is digging in his poop trying to find gold.

Why are all car repair shops closed on Sundays? Are all car shop owners religious?  Are they praying to the car God Ford so they get more customers? 

There’s an armpit trend for women right now.  I’ve seen Madonna and Miley Cyrus sporting their armpit hair. I saw a girl at Fatboy Slim with thick, brown armpit hair.

I Googled pictures of girls for the armpit hair trend and found out that dying your armpit hair is in.  That doesn’t make it any better, just makes it even weirder than it already is.   I can’t get on board with this strange trend, even with the dyed hair. 

Girl with armpit hair

Sure, sometimes I don’t shave my armpits (coz I forget to shave them), but I never let them get thick.  I just find growing your armpit hair long gross.  Stop being like a dirty hippie and shave your armpit hair.

How come I imagine George crying even though he’s soundly asleep in his crib?  I’ve read about this.  I guess as a parent we’re worried and hear them crying, but secretly hope that the baby is actually still sleeping so we can actually get some work done. 

George playing the drums

I wonder what babies dream about. I think George dreams about monkeys, milk, girls, playing with his toys, drums, playing the piano and girls.

How come husbands never know where to find the keys or the wallet they lost? How come the wife almost always knows where it is and finds it first?  Too bad it’s not the same when the wife loses something. The wife has to look high and low and it’s usually the last place you look.

Electrical box with an address

Why does this electrical box have an address? Weird, maybe he gets mail from his fans or his electrical box family from New York.

Why are donut boxes usually pink?  I wonder who started this.  I  bet it was the donut shop’s wife who said you should make the donut box pretty and make it pink. I was really curious about this and looked it up.  It turns out that uncoated pink boxes are cheaper than the coated white boxes.  Go read the interesting article.

Crunchy moms.  It sounds like mums who really like to eat granola all the time.

Keanu Reeves looking hot

What happened to Keanu Reeves? He’s good looking, but he can’t act. The last I heard about him was when he was slated to play Spike Siegel in the live-action Cowboy Bebop movie. I looked it up for any more news.  Keanu won’t be playing Spike which is good since his acting is very flat and he’d probably ruin it.  I’m up for seeing him in any movie and hopefully with his shirt off.

Where do cockroaches hide in the daytime?

What do you think about my Random Thoughts?  Leave a comment below to share your opinions or funny guesses.

Photo Credits – Girl with armpit hair and Keanu Reeves

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12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 2

    1. Fionnuala – It would be great to know if they have cool dreams like we do sometimes.

  1. I love your random thoughts! I love Keanu, especially in Speed where he has clearly been working out and oiled up and yummy. My husband ALWAYS loses his keys and blames the house! Once he said it was because of the f***n house and my 3 year old picked it up. Most inappropriate time in public while looking for my keys in my handbag and muttering about it he pipes up loudly ‘Mummy, this f***n house!’. Gah!
    Haidee@Maybe Baby Brothers recently posted…10 Truths About Little BoysMy Profile

    1. Thanks! He did look hot in Speed. I don’t know why husbands can never find anything. That is a funny story. I’m sure you were dying, but laughing on the inside. I would be. Hehe 🙂

  2. Love these random thoughts. I often think about the dream thing…the only one I definitely know the answer to is the roach random thought – IN YOUR CUPBOARDS ARGHHHHH! #TheList

    1. Thanks! Those damn cockroaches! I wish they stayed out of the house. I get so scared even though I shouldn’t. I don’t like bugs or spiders.

  3. I still wake up thinking Laura is crying or she is in distress and I will run to the other side of the house and she will be sleeping. It’s so strange.

    Armpit hair, girl I’m with you on that. First that can’t be good to dye that and why??? It’s not attractive and I get ditching the razor but not grooming altogether is just gross.

    The keys & wallet, all the time. My husband will misplace his iPad and then ask me to find it.

    Didn’t know about the pink boxes. Interesting.

    Keep the random thoughts coming!! I love them!!!

    1. I guess we’ll never stop hearing our baby crying even though they’re not. The armpit hair is not right. Husbands lose everything. We shouldn’t tell them where to find these things.. hehe 🙂 I will have more random thoughts and post them for all to read. I’m glad you love them!

  4. I like reading your random thoughts. Keep sharing them. My hubby always misplace his phone too and ask me if I know where it is. It’s good to know I’m not the only one dealing with this.

    1. Thanks Doreen! I will definitely keep sharing. Let’s not always tell our husband where to find their phone or keys… it will be funny! 😉

  5. I can’t say I’ve wondered about any of these things – except maybe the crying, I would often hear phantom crying and it did my head it. I’m not sure about the poop comment and I’m scared to click the link. The armpit trend has thus far passed me by and since I shaved my today, I’m not feeling so off-trend. I’m sure I saw that Keanu was going to be in a movie with loads of girls, I think they might be zombies or something?

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList! I enjoyed this romp around your brain! xx
    Hannah Parker recently posted…Accountability and the #MDFitClub Buddy!My Profile

    1. The article on mining gold in our poop is actually interesting. Nothing gross. The scientists believe that there are metals everywhere. The armpit trend needs to stop. I haven’t heard of the zombie movie with Keanu. I’ll look into it. Glad you liked my crazy thoughts.

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