15 Parenting Mistakes made by new parents


15 Parenting Mistakes made by new parents

I’ve made a bunch of parenting mistakes being a new mum.  I’ve made a list with mistakes we’ve made and my mama friends contributed some mistakes they have made.

1. Buying too many baby clothes.

You see something cute online or in the store and you just have to buy it for your little one.  You must resist! My friend Myrda loves to dress her cute daughter up in designer clothes, but she bought way too much stuff.  My friend Nancy donated clothes and sold them to baby resale stores since she had so much.

2. Forgetting to put a diaper on the baby during the middle of the night.

Kori’s husband Phill changed their son in the middle of the night and then handed him to Kori so he could nurse. She soon felt hot liquid all over her stomach. Phill was so tired that he thought he put a diaper on the baby, but didn’t. How funny!

George sleeping in the co-sleeper

3. Waking up your baby to nurse.

Is it normal to let baby sleep during normal feeding time? A new mum thinks to herself, “Should I wake the baby to eat?” NO, DO NOT WAKE THAT BABY!  My friend Kerry did this and she was freaking out and waiting for her daughter to wake up crying at any time.  Don’t waste your time worrying and get some much needed sleep.

4. Buying a video baby monitor when you live in a one story house.

My friend Myrda purchased one and it’s now pointless since it’s so easy to hear her daughter cry and just pop in her room to see if she’s okay.

5. Not using bibs from the beginning.

I always associate bibs with eating for some reason. So, I didn’t think about all the spit-up that would be coming out of George. We ended up changing George multiple times a day since he would spit-up so much. We were definitely doing a lot more laundry early on.

6. Cutting baby’s nails with the nail clippers for the first time & cutting their fingertip which makes them bleed.

I did this the first time.  George cried for a short time and I felt horrible.  I was so cautious the next time when I cut his nails.  I’m proud to announce that I haven’t done it a second time.

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Machine

7. Not pumping more.

My milk used to come out crazy like a water fountain. My shirt would be soaked since my nipples had leaked. Since I’ve been feeding less – it takes longer for my milk to come out when I pump. I really wish I pumped more and froze it.

8. Using the wrong size diaper.

Since we don’t have a scale, we didn’t know how heavy George was.  Early on, we weren’t thinking about how big he was getting and that we should move up to a bigger diaper size.  No wonder diapers were getting quite snug!

9. Baby falls off couch, changing pad or high chair.

This happened to my sister.  She said her daughter never squirmed again when she was being changed.  Babies learn real fast! The same happened to George.  I wasn’t watching him for a second and he rolled off the couch.  You have to pay attention all the time when your baby starts moving around so much.

George's long nails

10. Not cutting your baby’s nails regularly and your baby cuts up their face.

After it happens for the first time, you feel bad since you feel like you’re the cause of that cut.  So, you try to keep on top of cutting their nails.  I lose the nail clippers sometimes and then George cuts his face again.

11. Not having an extra outfit in the diaper bag when a poop blow-out happens.

This has happened to my friend Kim.  She was out with the kids and her baby decided to have a big poop.  And guess what?  The poop went up her baby’s back and she didn’t have an extra outfit.  It happens to the best of us.  I make sure that I have two extra outfits just in case.  I told you I was a diaper bag overpacker.

Checking for pee

12. Sticking a finger to check if your baby peed, but end up sticking your finger in poop.

My friend Shannon was checking her son for pee.. but unfortunately he had pooped and it was all over her finger.  Gross!  I can tell George’s diaper is heavier with pee and you can usually smelly the poopy diapers. I just do the smell test by sniffing his butt.  Sometimes, you don’t need that coz the poop is so smelly.

13. Not wiping baby’s neck and it turns red.

Since I don’t normally see under George’s chin where his neck is, I didn’t think of cleaning it.  Breastmilk spit-up and food ends up there and definitely needs cleaning.  I felt bad that I didn’t clean him, but the redness went away and it went back to a normal color again.

aden + anais jungle jam burpy bib
aden + anais jungle jam burpy bib

14. Buying expensive bib cloths.

Nancy found out that buying bib clothes can be expensive.  Instead, she used wash cloths that worked just as well and were cheaper.

15. Not putting a new diaper underneath the old diaper before changing the old one.

I learned this from my brother and I do it sometimes.  My friend Kim said that it’s useful in case you’re baby isn’t done doing his business.  She has messed up the bed a few times because she didn’t do this great tip.

Thanks to my mama friends: Myrda Vale, Nancy O’Connor, Kori Detmer, Kerry Dunn, Maricar, Kim Coston and Shannon Kidwell.  Thanks for sharing your mistakes and stories!

What parenting mistakes have you made as a new mum or dad?  Share your mistakes and stories by commenting.

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7 thoughts on “15 Parenting Mistakes made by new parents

    1. Lara – I’m sure I’ve made even more that I forgot! We live and learn though.

    1. Parents usually buy too many clothes. We’ve tried not to go overboard. It is sad when they grow out of a favorite onesie or outfit. It is heartbreaking when you cut your baby’s nails and you end up cutting them. Thanks for hosting the cool linky!

  1. When I was a new mom I set my alarm to check check on my baby every 2hrs. My baby used to sleep a full 8hrs without waking up and I heard so many horror stories of getting up every 2hrs I was worried. My Dr. told me that I was extremely lucky and to throw that alarm clock away. If he needed me he would let me know and to enjoy my sleep. I still set it at 4hrs and I would change him while he slept.
    Rhonda Martin recently posted…The Lumsing Harmonica 10400mAh Portable Power Bank Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    1. I bet you were tired! Wow, I don’t think George would stay asleep if I changed him when he was asleep unless he was super tired. When George was a baby, I just let him wake me up. He started sleeping through the night when he was a month and a half, so I was lucky.

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