Our Summer Trip 2018

It’s finally time for our Summer Trip starting with England. We flew off on August 1, 2018. It was an afternoon direct flight. I’m so glad that the boys slept for some of the flight. The 9 1/2 hour flight actually went by pretty fast. I was able to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Ready Player One on the plane. Ivan doesn’t like sci-fi movies, so it was great to watch two in one day. He’s actually never seen any Star Wars movies. WTF? I know, that’s crazy!!

George and Theo have been having fun at Ivan’s parents’ house in Southend-on-Sea. They love exploring the new house and playing with lots of new toys.

George singing and playing the drums

On August 3, 2018, we drove up to Harlow to see our new nephew Zak. It’s Ivan’s brother Neal and his wife’s first baby. It was great to hold a baby again. He’s so small and cute!

George and Theo aren’t too sure what to make of the baby. They just keep staring at him. Theo looks mad when he looks at him and maybe a bit jealous.

The weather is much cooler than Las Vegas, but it’s humid. It was a lovely 85° F.

We took a walk to Swallows Park nearby.

Swallows Play Area

The boys enjoyed playing on the swings, slide, and seesaw.

Pushing Theo on the swings

Next, we took a walk to Old Harlow and checked out the shops and restaurants.

Tea display at the bakery

Neal picked up a chocolate eclair at the local bakery for Dee. Stopped at the library and the boys liked checking out all the books.

Neal cooked us up a spicy stir fry for lunch. Ivan’s parents arrived to see baby Zak. Zak has barely been sleeping lately. We tried the swing, but he didn’t seem to like it. He finally fell asleep on Neal.

We’re all still jetlagged so everybody has been sleeping during the day. Hopefully, we get used to the new time zone soon.

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