NewSun21 Running Belt review

When you’re running or working out, it’s great to be able to listen to music. Where do I put my iPhone while I workout? I could stick it in my pocket.. wait, I don’t have pockets in my workout pants! That’s when the NewSun21 Running Belt comes in handy. You stick your phone inside, put your headphones through and hook it to your phone, toss your keys in and you’re ready to get your exercise on!

NewSun21 Running Belt

I first noticed that the running belt is very light. Reflective strips are located on the front and also on the back of the belt. This is great for safety for any night runners. There’s a great rubber hole on the front for your headphones, so you can listen to music, podcasts or books.

It’s easy to touch the responsive screen through the plastic when you want to change songs, check your Facebook or see who’s calling or texting you.  

The NewSun21 Running Belt is spacious enough to hold lots of things like keys, credit cards, business cards, lip balm, lipstick, etc. It can easily hide under your clothes and it’s very slim. I’ve used money belts for travelling in the past. After wearing a money belt all day, it can get really sweaty. I’m glad to say that this running belt doesn’t get sweaty. I even tried it while I was working out to the Insanity workout. I sweated so much and my money belt was dry.  The bag is very durable, so I think this will last longer than most money belts. I had a silk money belt once and it got holes on each side after long use.


The NewSun21 Running Belt has a great lightweight material. The material feels nice against the skin. I wore it for a few hours and forgot I was wearing it!  It’s so slim underneath clothes.


The belt is well made. The comfortable stretchy adjustable strap is wide and keeps the belt in place. The rubber around the headphone hole keeps your headphones cord in place. The running belt doesn’t bounce when you’re running or working out.I’m glad it has reflective strips, so drivers can see you at night.


It fits iPhones 5/6/6 Plus and Android smartphones. It’s easy to swipe and press buttons on your phone through the plastic screen. It’s a great, durable running belt or travel bag that will last for a long time. It’s great that it can hold so many things.


This is a great skinnier alternative to a fanny pack (bum bag).


The adjustable strap is stretchy but does have its limits.  If you have a really, really, big stomach, it might not fit you.

I’ll be definitely using this running belt more. We’re headed on a vacation soon and I’ll be wearing it under my clothes. It will be nice to be able to have my credit cards on me than having to dig through the diaper bag to find my wallet.

Go to this link or click the picture below to buy your own NewSun21 Running Belt.  Get exercising while listening to good music!

NewSun21 Waist Running Belt

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by NewSun21. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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22 thoughts on “NewSun21 Running Belt review

  1. I can’t run due to a mobility disability. But I definitely could use it when I am out an about. I also have a difficult time carrying a purse due to chronic pain so this would be great because it is lightweight and I can carry the essentials, cell phone, bank card, money and ID.

  2. I’ve been wanting to start walking (not ready for running yet, but hopefully I’d get to that point!) I’d put a cell phone in in, of course… and then also my lip balm and a few dollars in case I’d walk far enough to buy myself a bottle of water if I didn’t have any with me… or if I drank it. Or maybe a coffee before returning.

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