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I didn’t drink coffee or tea when I was a kid.  In my teen years, I would drink Frappuccinos, not for the caffeine but for the sweet taste.  I started drinking tea later on.  I drink espresso sometimes for energy.  Since my husband is English, so it’s a must that I drink tea.  Ahh ok, it’s not mandatory, but tea does taste so much better than bitter coffee.

Naveya Tea bags

Naveya Tea comes in a great brown bag packaging with the loose tea inside.  I received the green tea and black tea.  The website has an option where you can create your own tea.  The teas on the website are now described as Fitness Teas.  I’ve never associated fitness with tea.  But, I can see how it relates to your health and would give you energy for your workout. 

I first tried the Green Tea.   The dry tea leaves are green and smell earthy.  I made a cup and the color is a nice yellow.  The green tea has a smooth, delicate flavor that tastes earthy.  I love drinking green tea since it has many health benefits like fat burning and improving your brain function. 

Green Tea by Naveya Tea

The tea was comforting to drink.  I thought this tea was average.  I prefer green tea mixed with fruit since it has such a mild flavor. 

Tea Box

I tried the Black Tea next.  The dry tea leaves are black.  The smell reminded me of tea served in Chinese restaurants.  My cup of tea was a lovely reddish-brown color. 

Black Tea by Naveya Tea

It had a wonderful full-bodied flavor.  This strong black tea tasted wonderful.

If you’re a big fan of loose teas, you should give Naveya Tea a try.  The dry tea leaves are good quality.  It would be fun to create a custom blend of tea.  I recommend the black tea since the flavor was much better than the green tea.

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Naveya Tea.  All opinions are my own. 

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5 thoughts on “Naveya Tea Review

  1. Hello Jen, I also tried thier black tea your review was so honest, while reading I could remember the taste when i had thier black tea its exactly the same

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