Nancy Perrin’s Digital Oral Thermometer Review

Your child has a fever and you really need to locate the thermometer. You know you put it somewhere in a drawer. You rummage around trying to find it in many drawers, but still you can’t find it. If you had a Nancy Perrin’s Digital Oral Thermometer, it would be easy to find your thermometer when you need it since it’s a great clear case.

The Digital Oral Thermometer is really light and the perfect small size. It has a big LCD screen and an On/Off button. I found it really simple to use.

There’s three ways to use it: oral use by placing it under your tongue, rectal use by putting into the rectum and armpit use. I first tested it by taking my temperature orally.

Nancy Perrin's Digital Oral Thermometer
I put it under my tongue for 10 seconds and the thermometer started beeping.  I took it out and my temperature was 97.3°F. So easy!

The next test was putting it under my armpit. I wiped my armpit clean and then took my temperature with Nancy Perrin’s Oral Digital Thermometer. My temperature was 96°F. This method isn’t recommended since it doesn’t provide the most accurate temperature which shows in my testing.

My last test was the rectal reading. George was NOT happy about a thermometer going into his rectum. He felt violated. Poor thing! I placed petroleum jelly on the sensor of the thermometer for easy insertion. The instructions suggest putting it in less than a half inch. I took it out before 10 seconds and the temperature was available. George’s temperature was 98°F.

My favorite feature is that it saves your last temperature reading when you turn on the thermometer. That’s handy when your kid is sick and you have no clue what their temperature was a few hours ago.

You can change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit by pressing the On/Off button for about 4 seconds to change it. Nancy Perrin’s Digital Oral Thermometer has an alarm and it will beep like Bi—Bi—Bi—Bi when the temperature is 100°F or higher. I didn’t get to test this since nobody in our house had a fever at the time of testing.

The thermometer will turn off by itself after 10 minutes. It’s best to turn it off to save battery power. The thermometer’s accuracy is \pm \!\, 0.1°C / 0.2°F.

When you need to change the battery, grab the battery cover on the top and bottom of the green cover on the bottom of the thermometer to pull it off. It’s easy to remove the 1.5 DC button type battery with a pointed object like a pen.

Nancy Perrin's Digital Oral Thermometer
It comes with a plastic case that the thermometer goes in which is good, so it keeps the thermometer safe if you drop it on the floor and it makes it easier to find. I like the look of the thermometer. We have a thermometer that we got free from the hospital when I gave birth. It looks like a pregnancy test since the cover is blue. Sometimes I see it and think What’s that pregnancy test doing on the table? Then, I remember it’s actually the thermometer.

The Nancy Perrin’s Oral Digital Thermometer is super light and only has one button which makes it very easy to use. I love the clear plastic case, so it’s easy to find when you’re searching for the thermometer. I love how it saves the last temperature reading. It’s a breeze to clean it with some rubbing alcohol. I love this thermometer! I would love to see other colors. The lime green is a good color, but I bet it would look good in other colors like pink, orange and blue. The color doesn’t really matter, but most women like colors based on their preference.

Nancy Perrin's Digital Oral Thermometer
Go buy a Nancy Perrin’s Oral Digital Thermometer for yourself or as a baby shower gift. You’ll be happy you did!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nancy Perrin. All opinions are my own.

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