Midori SereniTea Club Meetup at Tea and Whisk

I started a tea club last year with my friend Noelle called Midori SereniTea Club. We’re trying to meet more often. I was so tired from being pregnant last year that we didn’t meet that much.

This month, we went to Tea and Whisk for our monthly meetup. It was a small group with Noelle, Geneva, Sabrina, Annie, and Antonella. The theme for this month was Green Tea.

Leo is one of the owners of Tea and Whisk and he was our host for the day. He went to set up in the back for the tea presentation.

We had time to chat in the meantime. I introduced myself and talked about how I read a blog post about a girl who had a tea club at work. I thought it sounded cool and wanted to start my own tea club. I told Noelle that we should set something up. Noelle knows a lot about tea and has a huge tea collection, so I knew she would love to help out. I was quite nervous talking even though I knew everybody at the meetup. Next, I asked the girls to introduce themselves and tell us what they knew about tea and what they wanted to learn in our tea club. It was great to learn more about everybody’s tea experience.

Leo came out and talked about Japanese green tea. He really knew a lot about tea.

Gong Fu Presentation

Leo showed us the gong fu presentation.

Leo had a silver container filled with boiling water. He poured water over the teacups to clean them. He put some of the sencha tea inside the gaiwan. He then poured hot water into a small, clear pitcher. He waited until the water stopped steaming. He poured the water into the gaiwan, covered it and left a small opening for pouring. He then poured the tea into a strainer that went right into the pitcher.

Each tea has a certain time for how long it should be steeped for to try to get the best taste of the tea. The times vary from 5 seconds to more. You have to move fast from putting the water in the gaiwan, closing it and then pouring into the pitcher.

It was ready for the first tasting of the sencha tea.

The clear pitcher was passed around and we got to pour the tea into our tea cup. It tasted good!

Leo did a second and third tasting of each tea to let us taste the difference between the tastings. The tea tasted stronger with each steep.

Leo went through all the 4 teas and let us try it.

We tried sencha, sencha fukmushi, kabuse cha and kukicha teas.

Next, it was time for us to try doing the gong fu presentation.

All the girls tried and had some great and some strong teas. If your tea was too strong, you could always water it down with some hot water.

If your tea was too strong, you could always water it down with some hot water.

I was nervous doing the gong fu presentation since I was worried I would drop the gaiwan and break it. I was actually shaking!

I did well with the help of my friends. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Tea and Whisk has a great bar where you can sit down, try out their teas and learn more about the teas. I could spend hours there. They also have a great selection of teas, teapots, gaiwans, and tea accessories for sale.

It was a great day of learning about Japanese green tea, drinking lots of tea and chatting with friends. I can’t wait to come back to Tea and Whisk and try more teas.

Everybody got a goodie bag that I put together.

Midori SereniTea Club goodie bag contents

The bag contained some great samples from Perfectly Posh by K. Alicia and I put in a bag of pomegranate green tea to match our Green Tea theme. Thanks for Tea and Whisk for hosting us!

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