Matcha Zen Tea review

I haven’t had matcha tea in awhile. The last time was when Ivan and I were traveling in Japan in 2010. We were at a sushi conveyor restaurant. We didn’t know how to make the matcha tea, so Ivan just put it in our cup, put hot water in and stirred it. We definitely weren’t making it right.

I opened the Matcha Zen box and noticed the great packaging of the Matcha Zen green tea.

Matcha Zen premium tea

It’s eco-friendly, cute and compact.  The green tea powder is ceremonial grade and comes in a resealable plastic bag. The Matcha Zen Tea is grown in the shade in Japan.  It’s hand-picked and stoneground.

I watched a few videos on how to make matcha tea to get a good idea of how to make it.

It’s easy to make the matcha tea. The accessories you need are a tea strainer, a handmade bamboo whisk (chasen), a tea bowl (matcha-chawan) and a measuring ladle (chashaku). I’m going to include substitutions since I didn’t have all the accessories that are recommended.

How to make one cup of Matcha Tea

Use 1 1/2 ladlefuls (almost 2 grams or 1 1/2 teaspoons) of the matcha tea powder and strain the tea into the tea bowl.  I didn’t strain the Matcha Zen tea powder since it’s ceremonial grade and doesn’t contain clumps. I put the tea in the bowl.

Matcha Zen Tea powder

I don’t own a matcha-chawan, but I used a bowl that is 5.25 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches tall. Matcha-chawans are 4.7 inches (12cm) in diameter and 3.1 inches (8cm) in height.

Add a little water into the tea bowl and use your bamboo whisk and lightly whisk the powder into a paste.

Matcha Zen Tea paste

I don’t own a bamboo whisk, but I used a whisk. An electric milk frother can be used as well.

Pour 2-3 ounces of 175° water and froth the tea with the whisk in a light motion at the surface. The bamboo whisk or electric frother shouldn’t touch the bottom of the bowl. It’s suggested that you shouldn’t use a stirring circular motion like you normally do with a whisk. Froth for 5 minutes to get an even consistency.

Frothing the Matcha Zen Tea

My hand was getting tired from frothing for that long! You will see lots of bubbles after frothing.

Pour the tea into your teacup and then add water filling the rest of your tea cup. Time for a cuppa!

A cup of Matcha Zen Tea

What a lovely olive color!

You can also make a matcha green tea latte by frothing 6 ounces of milk and then pouring it into the 2-3 ounces of green tea. You could drizzle it with honey or sugar to sweeten it up.

The Matcha Zen tea has a great green tea flavor with a nice aftertaste.  Lots of places describe matcha green tea powder as being umami. I didn’t know what umami meant since I don’t know Japanese, so I researched it online. It doesn’t translate well from Japanese. Some say it’s rounded, rich and savory while others say it’s a pungent, meaty taste. Matcha Zen’s website describes it as a fifth taste that’s delicious or a pleasant savory taste. We’re attracted to umami flavors so we get our daily dose of amino acids. I understand how the Japanese describe it as umami since it has a strong, savory full taste to it.

The ceremonial grade green tea powder is very smooth and ground to perfection.


I created a Matcha green tea latte with 4 ounces of milk and it was creamy and tasty. I prefer it as a latte since it seems a naughty adding milk to tea which makes it sweet and adds more calories.

The Matcha Zen Tea gave me more energy and made me feel good. I love that the matcha green tea powder has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea.  Nice!  I really enjoyed making the tea. It was my first time frothing.  I’m definitely adding Matcha Zen Tea to our regular teas since I enjoyed the taste so much. It takes about 6 minutes to prepare the tea.  I definitely think it’s worth it since it’s so healthy for you. Go buy Matcha Zen premium tea and receive the health benefits while drinking a wonderful cup of tea. Get 15% off by using the code MUMOUT during checkout.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Matcha Zen.  All opinions are my own.

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