Le Petit Blue Door

Ivan and I went to Chalkwell Park with George and Theo on August 10, 2018. we had fun swinging in the big swing.

Ken and Denise met us. Ken stopped at the synagogue. George, Theo and I went to Chris’ Toy Box with Denise. Ivan went to the Piano Pavilion to play the piano. Denise bought a few toys for George and Theo.

We drove to the Turkish restaurant Damak for lunch. The lunch menu is £9.95 for 2 courses. I got the fried squid for an appetizer and grilled chicken with yogurt and tomato sauce served on a bed of crispy homemade pitta bread cubes for my main course.

The main course took an hour to come, but we’re not sure why since there was only one other diner inside. We shared the stuffed apricots for dessert. The food was good.

Ivan and I chilled at the house with the kids. We headed to Shoreditch in London later on.

We got an espresso at Junction East.

Le Petit Chef

It was time for a cool dining experience called Dinner Time Story with Le Petit Chef.

It’s a 3D experience since the story is 3D mapped onto the empty book in front of you with projections above the seats. It’s such an amazing and unique dinner that you have to do at least once.

It was a 6-course meal with 5 drinks. It follows the route of Marco Polo.

iJen at Le Petit Chef

Le Petit Chef would appear going to his next destination. The 3D projection was really quite cool. Music played during the story. We wish the music continued while we ate our course.

Here’s a description of some of the courses:

The Indian course was Butter Indian Chicken served on a mini Poppadum with Mint Raita & Cauliflower Pannacotta with a Gobi Aloo Tartar. It came with an amazing Pineapple Mango Cobbler drink. This was my favorite drink of the night.

Indian course at Le Petit Chef

Arabic course was Arabic course with Corn Fed Chicken Kebbeh, Vine Leaves filled with Rice, Mint, Parsley, Tomato & Onion – cooked in Lemon Juice, & Olive Oil with a Spicy Tomato & Cucumber Dip. Bread and pistachios in the bag.

Arabic course at Le Petit Chef

There was a cool sorbet magic show. Sorbet sat in a bowl in a bit bowl. You poured liquid from the soy sauce container around the big bowl.

Sorbet magic at Le Petit Chef

The dry ice created smoke and came out of the bowl. So cool!

Here’s a video of Le Petit Chef eating a bunch of food:

Our main course was cod with fried rice.

Cod with fried rice at Le Petit Chef

There was a choice of duck for this course.

I love the presentation of each course. Ivan wished that Le Petit Chef showed up and asked us how dinner was during our courses.

Ivan at Le Petit Chef

They placed a plate on the table for the end of the show.

Le Petit Chef making a dish

Le Petit Chef opened up spices and created a dish. It was really cute and fabulous.

We had a fabulous creme brulee with saffron and cardamom.

Creme brulee with cardamom and saffron at Le Petit Chef

This was such an amazing dinner. I highly recommend Dinner Time Story with Le Petit Chef.

ABQ London

We went to the ABQ London bar which is a Breaking Bad-themed molecular cocktail bar. We were doing the cocktail making class. We sat down in an RV. Ivan and I were sitting with a black couple. The guy reminded me of an actor. We put on the yellow boiler suit, gas mask and mask.

Me with my welcome drink at ABQ London

Our welcome drink was served in a beaker with a blue liquid in a syringe. It was sweet but didn’t taste so good.

We each got two drinks each. Ivan and I started off with Blow and La Tortuga.

My La Tortuga consisted of mezcal, agave, pineapple, and lime. I put in the sage and Jalapeno chili into the nitrogen cavitation and shook it. I pressed the lever to make it spray 3 times. I infused the drink with sage and Jalapeno chili by placing the nozzle into the drink. It was a good drink.

Hip hop and gangsta rap played on the radio. It was good music, but way too loud. I got a headache at the end of the night. It was also hard to hear the waiter explain the drinks to us since we could barely hear him.

Ivan’s first drink was Blow.

Blow drink at ABQ London

It came with a board filled with white powder and three test tubes filled with liquid. Ivan used my credit card to make white lines. The Blow drink had vodka, Cointreau, butterfly tea and rose water in it.

Sucking white powder at ABQ London

He sucked the white powder and put some of the liquids from the test tubes into his drink to get different combinations of the flavors. Ivan thought the presentation was really cool, but the drink tasted alright.

The best drink was definitely the Wendy Martini. This drink is for two people.

The Wendy Martini had passion fruit, passoa, vodka, and prosecco. He used two beakers to use dry ice to infuse vanilla into the drink. Ivan let it infuse for longer so it tasted really good.




We also made the tasty chocolate bubbles on top by adding a teaspoon of an ingredient in a jar into water and chocolate mixture and adding air to the cup. This drink was so fruity and tasty. I want to make the chocolate bubbles at home!!

It was really fun making our own drinks with Chemistry!

Lunch with Jo and Ayena

On August 11th, we packed a small suitcase since we would be staying overnight in London. Ivan drove us to Dartford to visit his university friend Jo and his wife Ayena. It took us almost an hour to arrive.

Jo was outside and took us inside the house. We started talking about life and the boys. We didn’t bring the boys since they wanted to go to the beach with Ivan’s parents Denise and Ken. It would have been hard to chat with George and Theo climbing on Ivan or they would wreck their house.

Ayena was making us lunch. We started off with vegetarian sausages with onions and peppers. Then, Ayena mixed up a Bengal dish bhelpuri which is puffed rice, chilis, onions, and cucumbers.

Ayena making bhelpuri

It was good.

Ayena also made us samosas, fish pie, bread, broad bean salad and roasted broccoli.

Ayena made us lunch!

It was a great meal.

It was so great to catch up with Jo and Ayena.

Hanging out with Jo and Ayena

We will have to bring the boys to see them next time.

Ivan drove us to Dartford train station. We then took the train to London. We dropped off our luggage at La Reserve in Chelsea.

Moonshine Saloon

Next, we went to the Moonshine Saloon. It’s an immersive theatre experience in an underground Wild West moonshine bar.

Outside, we met Uptown Brown. He took us inside. We were fake fitted for clothes – really just given a shirt, a handkerchief, and a cowboy hat. My shirt was too small since my boobs are big.

Walked through the swinging saloon doors and walked down to the Moonshine Saloon.

Moonshine Saloon

It looked just like a western bar with a piano in the corner. The sister’s owner didn’t know about the moonshine. The barman secretly took our moonshine (whatever liquor you brought in – ours was a bottle of Vodka). We were given money (2 fake $2 and some nickels) for the moonshine that we brought in.

The barman would make 4 drinks each with the moonshine you brought in.

Me with my passionfruit drink at Moonshine Saloon

One guy played three-card monte with us. We bet with the nickel coins. We lost our money since the guy was really fast with switching the chosen card.

The Sheriff arrived and he seemed suspicious. He was getting rather drunk. The scary, but hot owner Clyde got into an argument with the Sheriff.

Ivan had fun playing the piano.

Ivan's mean face while he plays the piano at Moonshine Saloon

The drinks were so tasty. I really liked the passionfruit drink and the raspberry drink. I won’t give away the ending.

The Moonshine Saloon was really good. Great acting and the decor was cool. We had a fun time drinking our moonshine cocktails and pretending like we were living in the Wild West.

Little Blue Door

Hopped into an Uber to The Little Blue Door in Fulham.

Little Blue Door in Fulham

The Little Blue Door supper is a dinner at somebody’s house. Of course, it’s made to look like someone’s house and it really did! So much decor and things at a regular house. I wish my house had a huge bar in it where all my friends could hang out in.

We got there early and walked around. There’s interesting artwork in the loos, go check them out.

We sat down at a table. Ivan and I were thinking of ordering Home Punch drinks, but the server said we were getting them for our welcome drink. It was a lovely fruity drink.

Everybody started joining tables in the kitchen.

The dining tables at The Little Blue Door

We were sat with two other couples.

Our host told us that we had to pick a team name. Two pieces of papers were given to each table. We would have to make a poem that was at least three paragraphs long and had to include little in the first paragraph, blue in the second and door in the last paragraph. We also
had to draw something. Prizes would be awarded to the winners.

The appetizers came out. Cheese, roasted tomatoes, prosciutto, smoked salmon were served. It was all very tasty.

Tasty Jerk Chicken at The Little Blue Door

The main course was Hunter’s Hawaii Jerk Chicken which was delectable. The truffle mac n cheese was amazing!!!

Truffle Mac n' Cheese at The Little Blue Door

I ate so much of it! There was lots of food. They brought out another roasted chicken with vegetables.

Our team was called The Dodgy Ones since one of the flatmates said to a couple you can sit there with the dodgy ones. Our poems were read out loud.

The Dodgy Ones' poem


I didn’t think ours was that good. The team on our left won.

Dessert was a yummy hot chocolate cake with a coffee ice cream.

Dessert at The Little Blue Door

The balance of the hot and cold was so delicious.

Ivan showed our drawing and explained it. Ours wasn’t good. The Kiwis had a great story with their cool drawing. They won a round of drinks.

This was such a great dinner. I really recommend this if you want some good food and fun games.

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