K-Beauty BBQ Dinner at 8oz Korean Steak House

On August 21, 2017, I met up with the girls from the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers group. It’s a great group of Las Vegas bloggers and influencers.

The theme this month was K-Beauty – yup, Korean Beauty! It was fitting that the dinner was at a Korean BBQ restaurant called 8oz Korean Steak House. It’s a new restaurant that just had their grand opening on August 25th. The décor of the restaurant was cool, industrial and pretty.

Cool industrial decor at 8oz Korean Steak House

I sat down by Melissa, Graciella, Johanna, Ayron, Jennifer, and Stephanie.

My seating at the K-Beauty BBQ dinner

I’m glad that I got to sit by people I haven’t met before to get to know more of the girls of the group. A great goodie bag was waiting for us with beauty products inside. I love surprises! So, I decided to check out my bag later on.


I’m a pescetarian most of the time. I grew up eating meat, so sometimes I get the craving for it. I was excited for this dinner since I would be able to eat Korean BBQ. My husband Ivan is pescetarian and has never eaten meat. So, I rarely get to eat Korean BBQ. I’m Filipino, so it’s hard to stay away from meat. It’s hard to resist crispy pata!

Korean banchan at 8oz Korean Steak House

A good variety of banchan was already on the table before we sat down. I saw salads, pickled beets, potato salad, broccoli, and kimchi. I do love spicy kimchi!

Graciella is vegetarian and she was given soon dubu (seafood and tofu stew), steamed egg and kimchi pancakes.

Our server Jayden brought out brisket and vegetables on a skewer. He placed the brisket and some of the vegetables on the hot grill.

Brisket cooking at 8oz Steak House

He cooked it up and served it to our hungry group. It tasted good!

Up next was the wagyu beef. It had such beautiful marbling.

That wagyu beef!
Photo by Tyler Mills

Wow! I was excited to eat the wagyu beef since I haven’t had it in awhile. It’s so expensive. Jayden cooked it just perfect! It was tender and delicious. Mmm, I wish I could have more now!

The next meat dish was the short ribs. Jayden also made a great cheese fondue. It was a great complement to the short ribs.

It was fun chatting with the girls and getting to know them better.

Our last meat dish was aged short ribs. It was all wrapped together on the plate. Jayden cut it up and placed it on the grill. We were all in meat heaven!

I tried everything and it was really tasty! I was so happy and full. I’ve definitely had my fill of meat for awhile.

The goodie bag was awesome. Check out the goodness below!

K-Beauty goodie bag

I received Skinfood’s Bitter Green Clay to Foam Cleanser, Jellyfish & Pearl Marine Food Gel Mask and Klair’s Supple Preparation Facial Toner, Midnight Blue Calming Cream, and samples. Thanks to all the great sponsors: Wishtrend, Klairs, Skinfood, and 8oz Korean Steak House! It was a great night of talking and eating lots of tasty meat. Thanks Melanie for putting together this event!

Vegas Lifestyle Influencers group
Photo by Tyler Mills

I love how supportive and sweet everybody is in the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers group is. I love seeing all the different fashion styles. I can’t wait to go back to 8oz Korean Steak House to eat more Korean BBQ.

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