Italian Witness

Ivan and I had the free breakfast at La Reserve on August 12, 2018, and then checked out. We got an Uber to Peggy Porschen. There was a long line.

Peggy Porschen Cakes

It looked like it was going to rain any minute. We checked out the cute cupcakes inside and took some pictures.

Flowers in Peggy Porschen Cakes

Ivan and I decided to not wait since it wouldn’t be nice sitting in the rain.

Ivan saw that Dominique Ansel Bakery was on the next street. He is known for creating the cronut. We got a cronut, a Strawberry Gem, and tea. The Strawberry Gem was gorgeous!

Strawberry Gem at Dominique Ansel Bakery

I bet that took forever to make. I almost didn’t want to eat it since it was so pretty.

The cronut was filled with a custard and tasted lovely. It wasn’t overly sweet.

Cronut and Strawberry Gem at Dominique Ansel Bakery

The Strawberry Gem was Spumante strawberry mousse, homemade strawberry compote, whipped clotted cream and a strawberry in the middle. Delicious!!

We read about their cool afternoon tea. Ivan and I will try to come back for their afternoon tea.

Ivan and I went to the Royal Horseguards Hotel for lunch. We sat down in the lovely One Twenty One Two Restaurant.

Buffalo mozzarella and heritage tomatoes

I had the Buffalo mozzarella and heritage tomatoes for a starter. My main course was a delicious pumpkin ravioli.

Witness for the Prosecution

Ivan and I went to see Agatha Christie’s play Witness for the Prosecution.¬†The play was performed in the London County Hall.

We were sitting in the jury seats. Very cool!

The play was about a man named Leonard who was being tried for murder. It had a big twist at the end. The acting was great.

Ivan and I went to Baker Street to find a bar. We used the internet at Metropolitan Bar while we drank some strawberry cider. Ivan had a jacket potato while I had a chicken and avocado wrap for dinner. Yummy!

We walked to Regent Park and went to their Open Air Theatre. It looked like it might rain. Hopefully not, since we were going to see comedian Jimmy Carr. He’s a posh Englishman who tells really crude jokes.

Our seats were close in the 6th row.

Jimmy Carr was hilarious!!

Jimmy Carr in the rain at Regents Park

He even kept telling jokes when it started raining. It started raining a hard, so he said we should take a 20-minute break and come back.

The rain stopped and we went to sit down. Jimmy Carr told more jokes. It rained a lot more, but he still cracked on. So professional! He didn’t even have an umbrella.

It was a day of resting on August 13, 2018. I wrote two blog posts since I’ve been way behind. We hung out at the house with the boys. I had noodles and a Spanish omelet for lunch.

Theo took a nap while Ivan, George and I went to ASDA. We thought the walk might put George to sleep. But, he liked looking at all the food in ASDA. We bought some food for the kids. We went next door to George and I bought a pair of cute jeans.

Later on, we drove to Westcliff-on-Sea for an Italian dinner at Padrino. Ivan and I each got a glass of wine while we waited for Denise and Ken to arrive with the boys.
Everybody got the 2-course deal for 9.95. Ivan got the minestrone soup and I had the mussels in a garlic sauce for our starters. George got the kids meal with spaghetti, ice cream, and a juice. Ivan got the sea bream and I ate the delicious penne arrabbiata for our main courses.

Penne Arrabbiata

I don’t know how they get it so perfect and al dente. It was a delicious meal!

George stayed with Denise and Ken for dessert. He had chocolate ice cream and had a little of Denise’s chocolate fondant. Ivan and I took Theo in search of Rossi ice cream. We both got a 99 – Rossi soft serve ice cream with a Flake in it. We shared it with Theo. George had some when we got back to Padrino.

It was time for a walk. We walked along City Beach. The tide was almost all out.

Theo at City Beach in Southend

George and Theo liked picking up stones and shells on the beach. Hopefully, we’ll go to the beach tomorrow if the weather is sunny.

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