Harlow Puppet

Ivan, George, Theo, Denise, and Ken (Ivan’s parents) took the bus to Southend on August 4, 2018. The tide was out.

The tide's out in Southend

We took the train to the end of the Southend Pier. The Southend Pier is the longest pleasure pier in the world.

Southend Pier

The Puppet Festival was happening this weekend. We wanted to see the Punch and Judy show. It’s a traditional British puppet show where Punch beats up his wife.

Mr. Punch seems to beat up everybody even The Constable. Theo loved watching Punch and Judy.

Theo and Ken watching Punch and Judy

He kept laughing at the puppets.

Ivan and I drank tea with a brownie and potato chips. We walked around and saw the cool huts that are shops and bars.

Cool huts at Southend Pier

Ivan, Denise, George and Theo and I watched some of a Punch and Judy show.

Then, we took the train back.

We had fish and chips at Van Looy’s.

Theo is about to order

It wasn’t very good.

It was time for shopping. We went to Primark and checked out the clothes and accessories. Primark is a shop with cute clothes that are reasonably priced. I couldn’t find any good t-shirts, but I did buy socks, a wallet, scrunchies, and pajamas.

We all took the bus back home and chilled for the rest of the day at the house.

Ivan and I drove to Harlow on August 5, 2018. George and Theo stayed with Ken and Denise. They were going to the playground today.

We said hi to baby Zak and Dee. Neal, Ivan and I drove to The Beefeater for lunch. I shared beef bites with Neal. Ivan had a halloumi and chimichurri veggie burger and I had a nice vegan burger.

Back at the house, Zak had a bath and fell asleep. He looked so peaceful and sweet. Ivan and I enjoyed a tasty macchiato that Neal made for us.

Ivan drove us to Loughton where he grew up. We parked right by his childhood home.

Ivan at his childhood home

We took the walk he used to take to school. It took him 12 minutes to walk there when he was younger. I guess we were slow walkers because it took us 20 minutes to get there. We walked around his senior school Davenant Foundation School.

Ivan's senior school

In the summer, the school is used as community religious school. We chilled in the field where Ivan did sports as a kid while we waited for the Uber. The Uber car took us to The Victorian Tavern. We had a great cider in the beer garden. I wish Las Vegas had cool beer gardens. Ivan and I walked to his Primary School and took pictures.

Ivan at his primary school

We then walked to the bus stop and took it back near the car.

We were driving back to Southend. I said that I was bummed that we did get a 99 yesterday when we were at the pier. Ivan said we could stop to get one since it was on the way back. It was later in the day, so it would be easier to find a parking spot.

Eating a 99

The ice cream was so tasty with the Flake in it. Yummy!

We drove back to the house and took it easy.

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