Guest Post: Can’t Go to the Gym? 15 Ways to Work Out With Your Daily Schedule

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In the age of desk jobs, technology and gadgets, the physical activity of the human body have become very limited. Health and fitness have become remote terms for teenagers resulting in obesity and many other disorders. People often blame this on their hectic job schedules.

Keeping that in mind, here we have brought you 15 ways to work out with your daily schedule. You don’t need a gym membership for these exercises. Just devote 15-20 minutes to these daily and live a healthy life. Read ahead. –


STRENGTH EXERCISE BEFORE BREAKFAST – Start your day on a healthy note by getting into some strength training before breakfast. One minute of push-ups and one minute of plank holds, repeated alternatively for 10 minutes is all that you need to do to give your day a head start. Don’t forget to have a healthy breakfast after your workouts.

SOME PUSHUPS – If you do not have time for hitting the gym daily, then approximately 200 pushups per day are enough to keep you in shape. The best part is that you don’t even need any equipment for this. Just an empty room or your courtyard is sufficient enough to get into shape.

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CORE FOCUSED MORNING WORKOUT – Doing a quick abs workout in the morning can keep you at par with your gym friends. You don’t need to devote much time here, just 15 minutes and you will have awesome results. Lateral plank walks for 30 seconds, followed by forearm side plank with a twist for 30 seconds is the first set of exercises you need to do. After that keep alternating between warrior balance and forearm side plank with a twist for 30 seconds each.

A JOG SCHEDULE – Jogging or running for 15-30 minutes daily can help you have a great and healthy body without going anywhere. So, just plug your earphones in and set out to get some fresh air.

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SKIPPING – A skipping rope is all that you need to start with a workout regime of your own. It not only gives you some serious muscle movement but also improves heart rate. Known as the best tool for weight loss, skipping for 15 minutes daily in the morning can fetch you fantastic results.

BURNING THE BOOTY FAT – Goblet squats and skater hops, these two exercises alone are enough to get a great butt without even going to the gym. All you need is a dumbbell and 2 minutes. Doing this exercise repeatedly for 10 minutes daily can help you lose the extra fat and define your curves quickly.

TABATA WORKOUT – Next on the list of quick home workouts is the 4 minute Tabata routine. This fat burning workout needs just 5 minutes daily to produce results. A form of interval training, the exercise demands a lot of effort and willpower. 20 seconds of ball-to-the-wall effort followed by 10 seconds of rest is what you need to do. Repeat the steps 8 times in a period of 4 minutes and see the magic!

STRENGTH WORKOUT – Prisoner seated squats 12 times followed by 20 butt kicks is all that you need to do for a quality strength workout in the morning. You don’t need any equipment at all. Just some open space and 10-15 minutes. You are all set!

SOME YOUTUBE WORKOUTS – Following a fitness channel on YouTube or downloading a fitness app can help you a lot if you are still a novice and unaware of the technical terms related to working out. Following their DIY regimes can benefit you a lot and save you some bucks. You can take your smartphone out in the open and follow the instructions.

A LITTLE BIT OF DANCING – Dancing is a great form of exercise. It results in a lot of fat loss and sweating. Dancing to your favorite fast tunes can actually make you lose weight. It is good for your heart and makes you stronger. A 30-minute dance session can actually burn 125-130 calories. Dance styles involving fast moves like hip-hop and salsa are preferable.  

SWIMMING – Swimming is actually the best exercise ever. Unlike jogging or weight training, swimming is a low impact activity. It doesn’t tire the body. It builds strength and cardio abilities simultaneously. Moreover, it improves your sleeping schedule and bone strength. Thus, it is kind of a total body workout.

3-3-3 WORKOUT – A favorite among the celebrities, 3-3-3 body workout is a quick way to exercise. Starting with a dynamic warm-up complete three mini circuits each with three moves and you are done! Hardly taking 15 minutes to complete, this form of workout improves your body strength a lot. Circuit 1 includes squats, reverse lunge with knee drives followed by jump twist and squats. Circuit 2 consists of push-ups, three-legged dog twists, and single leg crunches. Circuit 3 is about side lunges with hands raised, butterfly dips and reverse crunch rolls. It is advisable to consult your pain doctor if you experience any chronic pain after intense workouts.

WORKING ON LOWER BODY – The best way to work on lower body at home is to do bodyweight squats. It doesn’t require any equipment. Apart from this, you can do reverse lunges with knee lifts and squat calf races.

YOGA – Yoga is a natural way to lose weight and keep the body properly functioning. It, actually, is the best way to be fit if you are short on time and don’t go to the gym. Some quick asanas include ‘tadasana’, ‘savasana’, ‘garudasana’ cow-pose, cat pose etc. These yoga poses also help relieve the lower back pain.

HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL WORKOUT – Losing hard fat is all about the impact of the workout rather than the equipment involved or the time duration.  A quick warm-up followed by a ladder workout is the best way to lose weight at home.

These were some of the exercises that you could do at home without any gym equipment or fancy gym apparels.

About the Author:

Jessica, a registered dietitian,a wellness guru that loves to read, research and write. A fitness freak who believes in healthy living and doesn’t like to miss her yoga. When not reading she can be found relishing her favourite foods.


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