Guest Post: 7 Benefits of Mind Games in Kids Development

7 Benefits of Mind Games in Kids Development

There are numerous benefits to playing mind games. Mind games stimulate the brain of your child and push it to think in creative ways. The body needs physical training to stay fit. Similarly, the brain needs to be trained to improve areas of analytical thinking, creativity and problem-solving. Here are 7 benefits of mind games that help in the development of kids.

1. Increase in brain activity

The best benefit of playing mind games is increasing the activity of your brain. It helps to improve the cognitive flexibility of your kid’s brain. It refers to a trait in the human body that can be trained and utilized in learning tools in gaming. Cognitive flexibility can vary from person to person. Taking the example of the renowned detective, Sherlock Holmes, it is observed that he has the ability to engage himself in many mental thoughts and aspects and adapt his focus according to the changing environments. Card games like Uno enhance the brain’s activity and strengthen motor skills, social interaction and communication skills. It also helps to increase the ability to make successful decisions. Card games are proved to be beneficial for the development of a child’s brain.

2. Increase in the grasping power

Certain games require you to react to a stimulus. Such games help improve the ability to recall information when you need it the most. It increases your brain’s memorizing power and allows you to draw a solution in the midst of a crisis. Games like Word hunt or memory games are the best ways to increase your memory power. They involve memorizing a sequence or words or pictures in a small amount of time. This aids in improving the child’s listening skills, and the ability to focus and concentrate. The major benefit of these games is that they help in increasing the grasping power of a child and also increase the child’s attention span.

3. Teamwork and multi-task

Board games are a fun way o bond over your friends and build camaraderie. A common goal is to be achieved and this requires people to work together as a team. These games are engaging and keep your brain busy for a long period of time. Board games like Monopoly, Chess, Snakes ‘n’ Ladders help in building your planning abilities. They also teach the importance of rules and the need to obey them. This helps in building your child’s social skills and his reactions to winning or losing. A sense of humility will be built in the child. It also gives a chance to reflect on one’s performance, decision making and how one can improve the process.

4. Improves analytical thinking

All games in a way help in building analytical skills as they all involve recognizing patterns in order to win them. There are certain games that throw your brain a state of panic and pushes you to build a strategy and find your way out of it. While doing that, you have to take into consideration various factors such as finding every potential action and research to find the answer to the problem. This helps in improving one’s analytical thinking ability. Another way is solving riddles and sudoku. They strengthen the brain and improve vocabulary. One can also play crossword puzzles (find some easy tips here visit Crossword answers 911 website). They increase the reasoning ability of children and make them great solution seekers.

5. Builds concentration

Concentration is said to be a skill that is not acquired but learned. You need to practice it to master it. Children learn more by playing games. It is a simple yet effective way of teaching kids. Concentration is needed to complete a certain task or activity. Games such as Subway Surfers or the Temple Run allows your mind to concentrate on a specific task at a certain period of time. This helps in increasing your attention span and focus more on the task at hand. Thinking games increases concentration and improves attention. Through such games, the child’s brain is exercised and challenged and improves focus.

6. Builds problem-solving ability

Puzzles are a great way to ensure that your child’s brain is developed and he learns the problem-solving ability. Such games help in brain development and improve eye-hand coordination. It also makes you aware of your mistakes and allows you to learn from them. This skill will help you in the real world. One learns to draw various approaches to find a solution. Another game that helps improve your problem-solving ability is the maze game. Mazes sharpen your brains and develop motor skills in the child. It also aids in improving problem-solving ability and find successful solutions.

7. Increases creativity

Indulging your little one into playing mind games will help your child in many ways. Playing games boosts your child’s creativity. Also, your child will be more open to new skills and activities. A research paper in the Journal of Science Medicine in Sport say that playing video games can boost the creativity level of your child’s brain. Video games, violent or non-violent, tend to increase the thinking power. Creativity is an ability that is crucial for the overall development of your child’s brain. It is said that artists all around the world indulge themselves in games that help them boost their creative flow. Next time, you find your child engrossed playing games, allow them instead of asking them to study.

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