Guest Post: 5 Weight Loss Friendly Supplements You’ll Want on Hand

Achieving your desired weight can be an uphill task. You will not only need to have a stringent physical workout program but you will also need to make drastic changes to your diet. A healthy weight is crucial in increasing your physical fitness and the mental vitality which you need to carry out your daily tasks. Apart from physical exercise, there are certain food supplements which can actually help you lose weight and achieve your weight-loss goals faster.

These food supplements work in three main ways. They can work by reducing your craving for food, lowering the rate of nutrient absorption or through increasing body metabolism. Some supplements will actually combine more than one method thus deliver better results.

Below are 5 Weight-Loss Friendly Supplements You’ll Want on Hand:

1. Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones is a component in raspberries which produces the strong aroma so much identifiable with raspberries. These ketones are also present in other fruits such as the kiwis and blackberries but in smaller percentages. If you have ever taken a raspberry, then you have at one point in your life taken the raspberry ketones contained in this fruit. But these concentrations are so low they may not have noticeable weight loss effects.

These ketones help individuals to reduce weight by increasing fat metabolism within the cells. They have also been shown to increase the production of adiponectin hormone which has a significant role in fat metabolism. Obese individuals have also been reported to post low levels of adiponectin which strongly links low adiponectin concentration in the body with low-fat metabolism. By taking Raspberry Ketones, you will be inducing your body to increase the level of adiponectin which will consequently increase fat metabolism leading to decreased weight.

2. Iodine

Iodine is one of the key minerals in the body. This mineral is found in different foods and is more prevalent in seafood. The body uses iodine to synthesize thyroid hormones which control crucial functions within the body including bone formation, metabolism, and brain development. Having sufficient iodine in the body is, therefore, important.

The ability of iodine to help you lose weight lies in the fact that this mineral controls the level of metabolism in the body. A higher concentration of iodine in the body leads to faster metabolism which breaks fats giving you a healthy and more vitalized body. The recommended dosage for iodine for an adult is 150 micrograms per day.

People who have had their thyroid working properly have reported a decrease in body weight upon starting to take iodine supplements. If you have been held at bay from experimenting with crop top dress sets due to your body shape, you can include iodine supplement and see you attaining that striking body figure which will fit stylish fashions and outfits.

3. Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are taken from coffee berries before they are roasted. Coffee beans have a high percentage of chlorogenic acids. Roasting the beans reduces the concentration of this important chemical and thus the unroasted beans are preferred by those who want to lose weight. The chlorogenic acids have been known to have antioxidant effects and help you lose weight by acting on the fat breakdown cells thus increasing the rate of metabolism. They are also effective in lowering blood pressure.

The extracts from the green coffee beans are mostly marketed in the form of pills. You can find these pills in physical health stores. Online stores also stock these supplies but you need to be careful to ensure that you are sourcing your supplements from a reliable company. You can as well buy other weight management products from these stores including the healthy steroids which are known to help you lose weight. By simply typing “buy online steroids Canada”, you will be bombarded with multiple search engine results relevant to this search. You can use these steroids along with the weight loss supplement for more effective results.

4. Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is associated with a myriad of health benefits. It has powerful antioxidants which help boost the immune system, clear toxic substances within the body and revitalize the skin. Medical evidence shows that green tea is effective in weight loss. Catechin, a chemical compound contained in the green tea works harmoniously with other chemicals within the plant to increase the rate of metabolism thus helping reduce the body weight.

Apple Cider Vinegar Pills for Weight-loss supplements


5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural food supplement extracted from apple. It has multiple health benefits and has been used over the years to cure different health conditions. Clinical tests conducted on apple cider vinegar have revealed that this supplement has the ability to reduce the blood sugar level and decrease insulin levels. It’s an important weight loss supplement since it increases fat metabolism, boosts the expression of the gene which counteracts fat storage on the belly, and suppresses appetite.


If you want to cut back your weight, you will need to combine several tried and tested remedies to help you achieve your goals. Apart from physical exercise, taking the right food supplements can complement your weight loss efforts and see you achieve results faster. Select the food supplements which have been shown to deliver results and capitalize on them for a more reliable and fulfilling weight loss journey.

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