George at 9 months old

I can’t believe that George turned 9 months old last week.  Time really does go by so fast.  I remember when he was born and he was so small and tiny.  We had to be careful of his head and he didn’t really do that much except looking cute, eating, pooping and peeing.

He’s grown into a very active boy who loves to crawl really fast everywhere.  He’s very happy and playful. He plays with his toys, but his favorites are things are usually things that aren’t toys like paper, remote controls, boxes and water bottles.  He stands up on furniture, but he’s not ready to walk just yet.  He started cruising (moving along furniture while holding on).  He loves to knock down towers and bang on drums.  George has 6 teeth now and loves food.  He eats bigger pieces of food like banana and carrots.  He still nurses, but only 3 or 4 times a day now. 

We went to go see his pediatrician Noelle on his birthday.  Noelle is one of our best friends, so when she came in saying Hi, How are you guys? like she didn’t know us, I laughed because I’m just used to her being our friend and not sounding all professional.

George is now 16 pounds and 4 ounces.  He’s petite for his age being 5% percentile for his weight and height.   Noelle thinks he might turn out petite like me.  I’m only 4’9” while Ivan is 6 foot.  I’m hoping he has a good growth spurt and grows up to be tall.  Time will only tell.

George at his 9 month checkup

Noelle checked George out and he’s doing good.  She asked to see how he’s standing while he holds onto things.  He crawled around and pulled himself up on the chair.

George was going to get his ears checked out.  He kept moving around so the nurse couldn’t get a good reading.  Ivan said he can hear just fine.  The nurse said we’ll try next time and I’m sure he can hear.

His next pediatrician appointment is when George is 1 year old.  I’m sure he’ll be running around by then.

We usually celebrate right at 12:03 am on George’s birthday, but we forgot about the time and George went to bed at 11 pm.

We celebrated at lunch time.  George loved the tasty red velvet cupcake we got him. 

George at his 9 month old birthday

I always take a photo of him in his monthly onesie on his monthly birthday.  It’s so much harder to take a photo of him now since he doesn’t sit still very long.  I don’t know how baby photographers do it.  It would take a lot of patience trying to get a good shot with an active baby.

George in his 9 month onesie

It’s been so awesome seeing him grow and learn new things.  Ivan wants him to walk, but my sister said not to push him to walk.  He’s already a handful now, he’s going to be even more of a handful once he’s walking around. 

George has been babbling, but he hasn’t said mama or dada yet.  I’m hoping he says mama first.  I’ve been saying it a lot to him – let’s see if that helps.  We have a fence that we put around the couch where George plays.  George always escapes and usually goes to play the drums. 

George playing the drums

We have a drummer in the making.  I’m looking forward to seeing him grow even more.

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