George at 2 years and 2 months old

I haven’t done an update on George in ages.

George is still a very happy baby. He loves to laugh and have fun. He cracks me up everyday.

George with a hat over his head
He’s very positive and sweet. I know he’s going to be a great big brother.

He likes to help out around the house. He tries to use the broom. He likes to play secretary and grab papers from the printer (sometimes too early though! haha).

George doesn’t talk much. He has a speech delay. He’s been going to speech therapy through Early Intervention since March. He sees a speech therapist and a developmental therapist twice a month. He’s improved in everything except language. We decided to go to a speech therapist through our insurance. He’s been seeing a speech therapist twice a week since August. He does communicate with us with gestures or sign language. He knows the signs for more, please and all done. It’s frustrating since we would love to communicate with him more. I feel like I’ve failed him as a parent… like I didn’t read, sing or teach him enough. But, I know like most things (crawling, walking, etc.), we have to wait and let him talk when he’s ready. I believe he’s smart since he understands what we’re saying. He even knows words we didn’t teach him.. probably through hearing us say the word so much or from the tv shows he watches. He does say Mama and Dada. It’s funny because he will whisper Mama and say Dada really loudly. It’s so funny! I guess that’s what he thinks of us. A lot of people say once he starts talking you wish he didn’t since he will talk your ear off. Once he’s talking, it will be a relief. I just wish we could have a conversation with him and know what he’s thinking. I’m sure he’s bound to drive us crazy. I think he’s going to be a chatterbox.

He’s been obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Elmo lately. He loves watching Postman Pat (English children’s tv show), Elmo’s World, Little Einsteins and Shaun the Sheep.

He loves using the iPad or iPhone to play with learning apps and watch tv shows on YouTube. He knows how to find YouTube and ends up watching Elmo, Postman Pat or Mickey Mouse related videos. We have to watch him because sometimes he calls people.  

George is still cheeky. He’s such a fun kid. He looks like me lately, but acts just like Ivan. He’s always on the go and doesn’t stop moving. I think he has Ivan’s body type which is tall and lean.

George playing with wood blocks

He likes to build with his Mega Bloks and knock over his creations. He loves peg puzzles especially the ones with Mickey Mouse on them. He likes to drive around his motorized Batman car. He’s learned to steer now. Sometimes, he’s so lazy that he’ll drive to his room instead of walking there! He likes when I read to him. He loves all kinds of music.

We ask George if he wants to take a nap or go to sleep and he shakes his head no very firmly. Once we put him in his crib, he waves and puts his head down. He loves to sleep! He still takes a 2-4 hour nap a day.

George loves to dance. I’m glad that he has my rhythm. He even has his own dance!

George has been fussy with what he eats. Some days he loves something and then a few days later he won’t eat it. His favorite foods are fish filets and peanut butter. He makes weird combinations of food like dipping his potato alphabets into yogurt.

George dipping potato alphabet letters in yogurt

George is definitely a Daddy’s boy. He loves to sit in Ivan’s lap when he eats. He doesn’t like his high chair anymore. He wants to sit at the table with us now. My little boy is growing up!

He loves stickers. We give him a few stickers in the morning. He really takes time deciding what sticker to choose from the page. His favorite stickers are the Mickey Mouse, pumpkin, cupcake, fox, and snowman.

I think George knows that the baby is coming soon. We ask him where the baby is and he will point to my stomach. Sometimes, he points to my boob haha. I’ve taught him to rub my belly.

George touching my pregnant belly
It’s so cute when he kisses my belly. Yesterday, instead of kissing my belly he head butted my belly. Oww!

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8 thoughts on “George at 2 years and 2 months old

  1. I have a grandson who is 2 years and 4 months. The think I most enjoyed when he was 2 years and 2 months was how much he was talking. Usually boys don’t talk a lot but he says a lot of cute things.

  2. My boys talked early & without any problems but my daughter was in Speech Therapy. .only difference was my daughter was born after I moved back around my family.
    Everyone in my family is big on talking to babies in “Baby talk”….NOT good for their Speech development!

    1. Thanks, Doreen! They do grow up so fast. I try to cherish all the moments. Hope you and baby are doing well.

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