George at 17 months old

George is now 17 months old! He’s growing up so fast.

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but he’s gotten even more cheekier.  He throws things in the toilet, bathtub and the bin (garbage can). He’s ruined one toy this way. We have to pay attention to where we put our cell phone or he might toss it in the toilet.  George has a silly, evil laugh. I’m sure he gets that from Ivan since he has a similar laugh like he’s plotting something really naughty.

He still doesn’t talk very much. He does babble a lot though. He says Ah ha! a lot like he’s just discovered a new clue. It’s so cute! Maybe he’s going to be a detective when he grows up.

George playing basketball at 17 months old

He still loves playing with balls. We got him a basketball hoop that he loves playing with.

George has 12 teeth, 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom.

We got him a slide that he climbs up and loves going down it.

He runs a lot now. He goes as fast as his little legs can take him.

George can go up and down stairs when we’re holding one of his hands. He loves crawling up stairs especially to go on slides. He still enjoys going down stairs backwards by sliding. He loves the playground since he gets to go on the slides and the swings.

George running at the playground

His favorite foods lately are blueberries, cherry tomatoes and eggs. He can eat a 2 egg omelet all by himself for lunch!

He has started nodding. If you ask him a question, he’ll nod if it’s yes.

I have a step stool since I’m super short and Ivan’s tall & likes to put everything up high, probably on purpose! George likes to go on the step stool. Here he is putting utensils in the top of the food processor.

George putting utensils in the food processor

We’re going to start letting George help us with cooking since he mimics us by stirring things in bowls.

George is a very happy baby and smiles a lot.

George chillin' in the garden

His hair is long and has a little curl in the back. We need to get his haircut. We’ve been so busy that we keep forgetting.

George is still small for his age. I think he’s going to be lean and tall like Ivan. 

He acts like Ivan and usually has the same expression as Ivan. In this picture, my boys are staring at the fire while I’m making s’mores.

Ivan and George with the same expression

He tries to put his socks and shoes on. Usually, he just puts it by his foot thinking somehow it will magically go on.

Ivan and I think George doesn’t take a bad picture.  Look, he’s even cute when he’s sad!

Sad George

We think he’s the cutest baby ever. I’m sure every parent thinks that about their baby. But, people, even little kids, come up to us in public and say he’s so adorable. He makes new friends in restaurants. One waiter gave me a little stuffed monkey. I know he’s going to break some hearts when he’s older.

George still loves dancing. He has combined his squat with his dancing. It’s the cutest thing!

I love taking selfies with George. It’s actually a wefie, but selfie sounds better.

Mummy and George wefie

It’s so exciting that he’s growing up. I’m glad he’s still small. I want to enjoy it while I can.  I’m really late on this post. He’ll be 18 months in a week and a half.

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