George at 16 months old


George is now 16 months old. He walks, well really runs around everywhere. He gets into all the cabinets and throws everything out of them. We finally broke down and put in safety catches for the cabinets.

He loves playing hide and seek with Daddy.

He likes to put his sippy cup upside down which spills milk or water everywhere. He pours the milk, mostly spilling it everywhere, from his sippy cup to another cup and drinks it. George spilled his milk from his high chair once. I wanted to cry, but I looked at it and it looked like great art.

George's Milk Art

He thinks he’s Jackson Pollock now!

He screams now with different types of screams. It’s so cute when he screams when he’s excited.

He is logical and tries to figure out toys by himself. 

George laughing

He’s a very happy baby.

He loves to pretend to cook with pots and pans. We bought him his own little fridge and oven set. 

He claps more now, especially when he’s excited.

He talks a lot but it doesn’t make sense.

George is still small for his age. He weighed in at 20 pounds 4 ounces at his last pediatrician visit at the beginning of January.

He loves playing on his own and we finally cleaned his nursery and he loves playing in it. He’s very independent. He enjoys exploring everything around the house.

George speeding reading

He loves books. We read a book over and over and over and then he picks another book and we read that one a few times as well. His favorite books are the flap books, but a lot of the flaps he tears off. He rushes through books by turning the page very fast. I try to read as fast as possible before he turns the page. I better hone my speed reading skills!

He loves playing the drums still.

George is a cheeky, naughty toddler. He likes to grab things off tables now. He’s broken cups. He likes to pull my hair and try to pull my glasses off.

He loves slides now and goes down backwards all by himself.

He goes up the stairs really fast now. We have to watch him since our stairs are made out of metal.

He likes to move his snacks from a plate to a different container. He’s become a little fussy with eating. We still use the decoy spoon to feed him if he’s fussy. Sometimes we have to wait a few minutes to try to feed him again. He’s been using the spoon to feed himself more. It’s still messy, but he’s learning. He loves bananas, blueberries, peanut butter and cottage cheese

George likes to place objects (toys, books, etc.) in weird places like the bath and the trash can.

He still likes to dance. I’m glad he has my rhythm and not Ivan’s since I’m the better dancer.

He likes to put his head on my chest. So sweet! I’m not sure why he doesn’t put his head on Ivan’s chest.

His hair has gotten much longer now. It’s time for his first haircut!

George smiling in his high chair


He follows simple directions like Please give Mummy the book.

It’s crazy how kids grow up so fast. He’s lots of fun to play with. He definitely keeps me on my toes since he’s so active. I can’t wait until he talks more.

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4 thoughts on “George at 16 months old

  1. His milk spill is cute: And they are only little for a while. And by making mesees believe it or not as a Mom of 8 He is learning new skills. Also learning what your reactions are to things he does.

    1. Shirley – He’s definitely testing us! New skills.. oh no – so the messes don’t end?! 😆

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