George at 15 months old

George is now 15 months old.  It snuck up on us since we’ve been busy with the holidays.  George started walking on October 24 with a few steps at a time. He walked 12 steps at a time on December 1st and then a week later he was walking all the time.  He’s getting even stronger… doesn’t fall as much and doesn’t look drunk while walking (well, not as much!).  We’re so glad he’s finally walking.  Ivan was worried that he wasn’t walking.  I knew he’d get it eventually.

He hasn’t progressed much in talking.  He only says yeah, up, dada and mama.  His latest favorite word is nana.  Maybe he’s trying to say banana?  We talk to him all the time.  But, I guess he doesn’t want to talk yet.  He makes a sound and points at something when he wants something like his sippy cup.

George has gotten fussy with food.  One day he’ll love a food and then the next day he won’t eat it at all.  He mostly eats regular food at meals.  Jars are convenient when we’re out since he doesn’t like hot food or he doesn’t like the food we’re eating.  If he is done eating or he doesn’t like a certain food, he’ll throw it on the ground.  It can get quite messy.  His current favorite foods are hard boiled eggs and green beans.  He will feed himself with his hands.  George hasn’t figured out how to feed himself with the spoon.  Sometimes, he doesn’t like when we feed him with a spoon.  We must give him a decoy spoon, so he tries to feed himself with a spoon – but, we end up feeding him with another spoon.

George is such an active, happy boy.  He loves to walk everywhere around the house.  He gets into everything.  He loves to open up all the cabinets in the kitchen.  He will take out the pots and pans.  He grabs a spoon and mixes like he’s cooking.  He empties his plate into a bowl. 

George prepping his meal

He always sees us cooking, so I guess he wants to join in.  He loves to open and close boxes or bags and take things out and put them back in.  He likes to connect his Mega Blocks.  He loves slides now.. he always has a massive grin when he goes down them. 

George about to go down the slide

George has a little house which he spends a lot of time in.  He even has his own mailbox.  He has a small Christmas tree in his house for Christmas.

He does get mad when he doesn’t get his way and he’ll sit on the ground and hit his head on the ground.

He loves music and likes to dance.  I’m glad he has my good dancing skills and not Ivan’s.

George still loves books.  He will make us read the same book over and over and over again.

He’s quite cheeky and loves to laugh.  He likes to give me or Ivan a ping pong ball and we put it in our mouth.  Ivan likes to spit it out across the room which makes George laugh so much.  He thinks it’s the funniest thing.

George is still on the petite side.  We weighed him a week ago and he was 20 pounds.  Sometimes, he looks more Asian and then the next day he looks more white. 

A few weeks ago, we took George to Disneyland and California Adventure.  It was George’s first visit and he loved it.  He loved walking around and offering his milk to people and touching their scarves. 

He loved playing the piano in the key of G at Goofy’s House.

It was Christmas themed in both parks with cool decorations.

Christmas tree with rum ornaments at California Adventure

His favorite ride was the carousel – he didn’t want to get off once the ride ended. 

They had a snow area where you could go sledding.  We put George in the snow and he thought it was too cold.  He loved watching the band play and sat there for a long time and just listened. 

George enjoying the band

He really loves music. 

We enjoyed going on the teacups. 

Ivan, me and George on the teacups at Disneyland

It was a fun two days at Disneyland and California.  I don’t think we’ll be going back until he’s much older.

We’re excited that he’s learning and growing so much.  Can’t wait until he talks more and says I love you, mama.

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