George at 10 months

George at 10 months old

George turned 10 months old last week.  Another month has passed!  He’s such a happy, smiley baby.  He’s cheeky.  He likes to pull off my glasses and gives me a cheeky smile.  I tell him No, but he still tries to do it again and again.  He has our sense of humor (Thank goodness!).  He bites my toes when they’re at the end of the couch and laughs.  He’s a funny baby. He’s a master at crawling now.  He goes up stairs faster.  He does sit-ups if you hold his legs. He’s very independent.  George will play along with the other babies at Gymboree.  He’ll stop and crawl back to us.  He will give Ivan a hug and then one for me and then go back to playing again.  What a sweetie! George walked on his walker a few weeks ago.  The day after his 10 month birthday, he started walking while pushing a chair. 

Walking must be coming.  Oh my goodness, we’re going to be running after him soon.  He is a BIG eater.  He eats anything that isn’t too hard.  He loves watermelon, bananas, omelets and applesauce.  He will eat a whole banana all by himself in minutes.  Wow!  He’s such a good eater.  He makes a loud noise saying Mmmm if he REALLY likes something.  Sometimes he makes the noise even before the spoon goes into his mouth.  He’s taken after his Daddy since Ivan eats a lot.  He still nurses 3 times a day. He crawls all over the house. We have to watch him, so he doesn’t break anything.  He plays with his toys, but he’s more interested in other things. He likes to open our coffee table books. He likes playing with remote controls, boxes, books, paper, bowls and water bottles.

George checking out a book

George likes to play peek-a-boo.  He even does it himself.  We throw a blanket on his head and he’ll remove it and smile real big.  It’s so freaking cute! He loves sitting in the cart at the grocery store.  He moves his body so he can see what’s in the cart.  He really enjoys seeing all the people and colorful products in the store. George LOVES music.  We bought him a band in a box and he really likes the triangle.  He smiles when I play the cymbals.  He still loves playing the drums.  Ivan adjusts the seat for him and he plays. 

He’ll definitely be a drummer.  I hope he can sing, too. George loves to swim.  We put him in his cute floatie to swim around.  He moves his legs.  He doesn’t like going under water.  I scared him when I cannonballed into the pool.  He loves being outdoors and discovering new things. George babbles new things, but no talking yet.  I’m still hoping he says mama first (Cross your fingers!) – but who knows what his first word will be.

George's 10 month old birthday party

We all celebrated George’s birthday after midnight.  Ivan baked a pie that had peanut butter, dates and tofu in it.  It was so tasty!  It was George’s first time trying his birthday cake.  He thought it was quite tasty.  It’s hard to take a picture of George in his monthly onesie since he wants to crawl around and go play.

George is 10 months old

Looking forward to more learning, talking and playing with George.  I wonder when he’s going to start walking.  When did your child start walking?

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