Garden Time

Ivan, George and I love to go outside and relax in our garden (backyard).  I love that we have lots of fake grass for George to crawl around in.  He used to sit and crawl in the grass area.  He’s so curious these days and loves to crawl everywhere.  He tries to eat the leaves and rocks.  We have to keep an eye on him, so he doesn’t swallow a rock or anything else he might find.

Ivan and I have tea while we chat.  We’ll usually have a snack like a ice lolly (popsicle) or a Speculoos cookie with our tea.  George also likes having snacks like apple sauce, cottage cheese or organic puffs.

Here’s Ivan feeding George while he eats a caramel yogurt ice lolly.


George and I like to listen to the birds which love to hang out in our big tree.  He loves to knock down his blocks and play with his toys in the grass. 

George playing in the garden

I like watching the planes go by and wondering where they’re flying to.  Sometimes, I wish I was in one of the planes going off to discover a new city.  I really do miss travelling.

I love chilling in the garden with my boys.  The simple things make me happy.  Do you like relaxing in your garden? Would love to hear what you like to do in your garden.

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1 thought on “Garden Time

  1. Your fake grass yard looks nice. It must be nice to not have a lot of yard work to take care of. That leaves time for you to spend with your lovely family.

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