Garden Canoeing

Ivan and I headed up to London on August 6, 2018. I went shopping in Covent Garden while Ivan went to pick up theatre tickets. I checked out Pylones and drank tea samples at Wittard.

We bought a Snog. I had a chocolate hazelnut with passion fruit and strawberries. This is the best frozen yogurt ever. It’s not sickly sweet like the ones in America.

Afternoon Tea

We went to Brigit’s Bakery (B Bakery) for afternoon tea. It’s a cute cafe.

B Bakery

I love their teapots! Ivan had a Take 5 while I had a Courtisanes tea. We ate a lemon, orange and chocolate macaron with our tea.

Afternoon tea with macarons at B Bakery

The macarons and teas were tasty. There are lots of cute cafes in London. Can’t wait to try out more!

We walked around Covent Garden again to do more shopping.

Shopping at Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a great area filled with shops, pubs, and restaurants.

Ivan and I wanted to have the pre-theatre menu at a great Indian restaurant called Masala Zone, but they don’t have a pre-theatre menu anymore. We went to Busaba Eathai (everybody calls it Busaba Thai) down the street. The pre-theatre menu is 2 courses for £12.95. Ivan got the avocado and hot Thai mint super salad while I got the chili edamame for a starter. I should have gotten the salad. It was really tasty!

Green Curry Grilled Chicken at Busaba Eathai

Ivan and I both got the green curry grilled chicken for our main course. It was so delicious! We will definitely come back to get the salad and chicken green curry.

It was time to see the musical 42nd Street. It didn’t have much of a story. It was about a girl who wanted to make it big on Broadway in the 1930’s.

42nd Street musical

Lots of amazing dancing, pretty costumes, and great singing. It was a good show, but not amazing.

Joe Thomas Interview

On August 7th, Ivan and I went to the Build Series studio. We were going to see an interview with Joe Thomas from The Inbetweeners.

It was a small room filled with 40 audience members. Joe Thomas was being interviewed for his upcoming movie The Festival. He still looks so young. He seems really shy. He was talking about the movie and he kept looking down instead of at the audience.

Joe Thomas interview

It sounds like he wants to do an Inbetweeners reunion, but not sure the other guys are interested. There are talks of a Fresh Meat movie, but Joe had no news to report about it. So, I don’t think that will be happening. He talked about The Festival movie. It looks so funny.

It was a good interview. We wanted to take a selfie with him afterward. But, I think he might have snuck out the back door. We didn’t feel like waiting very long. We hopped into an Uber.

It was time for more afternoon tea at The Rose Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel St. James. Our afternoon tea came with a glass of champagne. Fancy! We each had a pot of tea with scones, sandwiches, and pastries.

Afternoon tea at The Rose Lounge

The lounge is pretty and even had a harp. Although, nobody was there to play the harp. We took some scones and sandwiches to go since it was so much food.

Got an Uber to Limehouse. We had some time to kill, so we went to a coffee shop and ate scones with our espresso.

Canoeing to Crate Bakery

Ivan booked us canoeing with Secret Adventures. We were going to paddle our way down the River Thames and River Lea for 6 km (3.7 miles) to the Crate Brewery.

Moo Canoes

Our group consisted of 22 people with a handful of couples. We put on our life jackets and got into our canoes. We had one guide who would steer us in the right direction.

Ivan and I going to canoe

Everybody seemed to be in a rush and paddled way ahead of us. We were enjoying the scenery.

Graffiti along the canal

I am not good at canoeing. I try, but it seems like I’m going in circles. It hurts my arms as well. Ivan was doing most of the paddling.

Ivan canoeing in London

It was so great to be alone on the canals. It was really quiet and peaceful. The graffiti, warehouses, swans, and houseboats were cool to see.

Cool houseboat

We even canoed by the Olympic stadium. The sunset was quite lovely.

Sunset while canoeing

We caught up with the group at the Old Ford Lock 19. The group had to wait for us for ages (probably 25 minutes) since we had to go together in the lock. The lock is a small area with doors on one side. Once the doors are closed, the water rises up and then you’re off to go canoeing along.

We canoed for a few minutes to the end of our journey. We walked over the bridge and across the street to the Crate Brewery. It’s a cool place along the canal with lots of outdoor seating.

Crate Brewery

It started raining. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining when we were canoeing. It would have been depressing and cold.

Ivan and I went inside to order a drink and food. We got a seat outside and waited for our pizza to come. The courgette, feta, red onion, and gremolata pizza was really tasty with our cider.

We hope to come back here when the weather is better.

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