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I was thinking of getting blue highlights recently since I’ve had it a few years ago and I really missed the color.  I love getting highlights since it adds more color to my hair. It’s hard to keep up since you have to separate the highlights otherwise you use too much hair dye. I decided I should just dye all my hair blue. Why not?! I’ve always wanted to dress like an anime character.

I looked up different shades of blue online since I wasn’t sure what color to dye it. I found a great color when I found this picture of hair by Ursula Goff. 

Drowning Girl Hair by Ursula Goff

I love the Drowning Girl by Roy Lichtenstein and the hair color. There’s an article about how she turns hair into classic art. I found Ursula’s Facebook page and found the picture. In the comments, I found out that the color is Special Effects Blue Velvet. I’m a big David Lynch fan, so I loved the name of the hair dye.

I contacted my hairdresser Aimee and sent her the picture. I told her the hair dye color and she actually had it.  I set up the appointment. I was still nervous on how it would turn out. I really wasn’t sure how blue it would actually be once it was all dyed.

I forgot to take a before picture. Here’s what my hair looked like before. My highlights were faded and my highlights were turning blonde.

Jen with Mickey Ears on

I went to Nina’s Hair and Nail Salon for my appointment with Aimee. I was still nervous but excited for the final result. It’s always a long process getting your hair dyed a different color. My hair is naturally dark brown, so bleach was definitely in order. 

I’m the worst at getting haircuts. I don’t know why, but if I don’t set up regular appointments, I forget about getting a haircut. It’s been many months (probably 8 months!) since I got my last haircut. It’s gotten really long. I wanted a long bob. Aimee cut some of my hair before starting with the bleach.

Aimee had a warning about bleach.  She said that some people really can’t stand how it feels when it touches their scalp. I’ve actually dyed my hair red before, so I didn’t think I would have a problem. 

Aimee put in the bleach in my hair a few inches before my scalp and then put a shower cap on my head.  I had the option of doing ombré without doing the scalp which would produce a more natural look.  She ran the hot hair dryer on my head.  She said that some people thought to have bleach in were like bugs crawling through your hair – Eww! I tried not to think about that or I might freak out a little. It does feel like it’s tingling and something is running through your hair. At one point, it started burning really bad.

Bleach in my hair with big eyes on Snapchat

It was only for a few minutes – so I survived!

I came prepared with my phone and a notebook since there’s always lots of wait time when you’re getting your hair dyed. I wrote some blog ideas down and played on my phone.

Aimee took the shower cap off my head. She said that my hair retained heat well.

Aimee put the bleach on my scalp and I was fine.

Bleach on my scalp

She ran the hair dryer over my hair again.  I didn’t need to sit under the hair dryer. It was time to wait again.. not as long this time, though.

Crazy blonde hair before going blue

I looked crazy with the super blonde hair. I don’t think blonde would ever look good on me.  I thought I looked like an anime guy.

Takumi Usui looking good

How can Takumi Usui look so pretty even though he looks neutral in this picture? Oh yes, he was drawn that way, I mean look at the perfect hair! Still not sure why some of the men in anime look like girls.

A few of the hairdressers were excited about the blue hair dye and kept checking on my progress. 

It was time to put the blue hair dye in. 

Special Effects Blue Velvet hair dye going on my hair

The color always looks so good when it’s being put on your hair. It’s always a mystery what it will look like when it’s done.

Aimee is so easy to talk to. She’s very friendly and chatty. I told Aimee that I dyed my hair red once when we were traveling in Thailand. 

Me with Red Hair while tubing and drinking vodka buckets in Vang Vieng, Laos

Ivan didn’t like it because he thought it made me angry. I’ve been banned from dying my hair red. Too funny!

I had to sit for 20 minutes while the color seeped into my hair. I was looking forward to seeing what my blue hair would look like. 

Aimee washed my hair and then sat me down. The blue was very vibrant. I didn’t think it would turn out so bright. Wow! It was time for my new haircut. I wanted something fun and edgy. I showed Aimee two pictures of haircuts and they turned out to be the same hairdo with lots of layers. She cut my hair with a razor blade to make it choppy. She created lots of layers. The cut and color turned out awesome! I previously highlighted my hair blue and pink. I had different shades of blue and purple in my hair. Cool!

After Aimee was done styling my hair, we went outside to see how it looked outside. It was even brighter in the sun. So cool! I love my new haircut and the blue hair. Thanks, Aimee!

My new hairdo with Special Effects Blue Velvet in my hair

How do you like it? Would you ever dye your hair a bright color?

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9 thoughts on “Funky Blue Hair

  1. Very cool. Are you having trouble with the die coming off on everything. My step daughter dyes her hair purple and it gets EVERYWHERE!! #abitofeverything

    1. Janine – I usually see the dye on my pillow, but not with the Special Effects Blue Velvet dye. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Wow it looks fantastic. I had blue streaks in my hair many years ago and absolutely loved it. I am hankering after bright purple hair at the moment, but will have to wait till my finances improve a wee bit.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #abitofeverything
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