Elrow Wildlife

Ivan and I woke up early on August 18, 2018. We were going to spend the day with Neal in Harlow. Ivan drove me, George and Theo to Harlow which took an hour. We cuddled with baby Zak. He looked so cute in his Superman onesie. Dee’s mum, sister and his sister’s boyfriend were staying there. Neal made Ivan and I each a machiato.

We drove to Zagara in Hoddesdon for lunch. Ivan and I shared the baked goat cheese salad wih roasted peppers, grilled vegetables, spaghetti with mixed Seafood and the fiorentina pizza.

Baked goat cheese salad

George had some of our pizza.

Theo liked the spaghetti! It was a good meal.

Paradise Wildlife Park

We drove to Paradise Wildlife Park. Walked through the World of Dinosaurs first. The boys liked the moving and screaming dinosaurs.

Having fun at Paradise Wildlife Park

Everybody did a lot of walking with Neal around the wildlife park.

It was good to hang out and chat with Neal. We saw lots of animals like goats, meerkats, monkeys, lemurs, lions, cheetahs, and sheep.

Wallabies at Paradise Wildlife Park

It was cool seeing a baby dinosaur.

George and a baby dinosaur

George even got to pet it even though he was scared.

The boys swininging at Paradise Wildlife Park

George and Theo loved playing on the fun playgrounds. The boys had fun at the park.

George at Paradise Wildlife Park

I don’t think Paradise Wildlife Park is worth the admission price, but it’s a good day out for the kids.

Drove back to Neal and Dee’s house in Harlow. We hung out with baby Zak. Theo slapped baby Zak. I think he’s jealous because he’s not the baby anymore! Dee’s mum was quite chatty. She was talking about her kids and how she liked kids. She gave us some of her homemade Turkish bread called kek. It looks like a scone and tasted good. Dee’s mum invited us to have dinner with them. But, we wanted to get home since it was a long drive back.

Ivan drove us back to Southend. We had a light dinner and chilled for the rest of the night with the boys and Ivan’s parents.

Ivan and I spent time with George & Theo at the house the morning of August 19, 2018. We got ready to go out.

Elrow Town London

Ivan and I got the train up to London. We walked to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for Elrow Town London. Elrow is a Spanish party brand that throws awesome themed parties. Elrow Town is a whole city that Elrow has built in East London.

Ivan and I arrived at 3 pm. We had VIP tickets, so we didn’t have to wait in the long regular line to get in. We walked around and checked out the music festival. Loved the colorful decorations around Elrow Town. I love an Elrow party!

At the entrance arch, there was a cart a and shopping cart filled with free hats, mustaches, candy, necklaces, squirt guns, and sunglasses. We grabbed hats and fun stuff to wear.

A big tent called The Cave had a stage with cool jungle decor. It was too hot to stay there too long.

I liked Relentless Park where you could play games with the furry dogs (people in dog suits). It was so fun! The Absolut Pink Cathedral had free roller skating and free wi-fi.

The VIP area was called Uptown.

Elrow Town Uptown

Ivan and I drank some fruity cider in the VIP area. The VIP area has luxury toilets, two bars and one food stall called ‘Hidden Pizza’ selling pizza and desserts. There was a VIP viewing platform that looked out at the main dance area, but unfortunately, you couldn’t see the main stage Town Square from there.

The bar had delicious themed cocktails, premium spirits and champagne. The VIP bars accepted cards and cash. Tokens were sold for the bars and food stalls in the regular area.

Jen in a taxi at Elrow Town

It was fun exploring and seeing the cool outfits and the fun Elrow characters.

Crazy characters at Elrow Town London

Ivan and I were having fun.

Fatboy Slim's Acid Converter

Fatboy Slim had an Acid Converter where you could turn yourself into a big happy yellow smiling face.

Lee had a big ball pit where you could jump in and look for a certain type of ball to win prizes.

Ivan and I went to see Idris Elba. His opening song was the theme song from James Bond.

Idris Elba at Elrow Town London

Idris recently tweeted My name is Elba, Idris Elba. So, either he’s messing with us or he’s set to be the next James Bond. I hope he is because he would make a great James Bond. Also, it would make me watch a James Bond movie. I can’t even remember the last one I watched.. maybe Pierce Bronson. No clue! Anyway, Idris Elba always plays fun house music.

Jen at Elrow Town London

We loved dancing to Idris Elba. Ivan isn’t sure why he DJs. I think he does it for fun and it makes people happy.

We walked around some more since we had lots of time to waste before Fatboy Slim. Ivan and I shared a bottle of white wine which was called Trashumante. So funny! We lost our sunglasses. I left mine in the loo when I was fixing my ponytail.

Ivan enjoying Elrow Town London

Ivan and I shared a Hidden Pizza which was so tasty!! We also had a great gluten-free brownie.

We went at 7:45 pm to get a good spot to see Fatboy Slim. It was actually easier than we thought to get near the front. I’m not sure why but I’m always making friends probably since I’m so short (only 4’9″!). Everybody always says I’m so cute and short. I was doing my usual spanking. One girl said to me I would make a good dominatrix. That’s her job and I would be perfect. Possible career for me – sounds like lots of fun! Fatboy Slim is definitely my favorite DJ. He’s just so fun and plays the coolest funky music.

He definitely didn’t disappoint. We danced our asses off for 2 hours.

Fatboy Slim at Elrow London

I found a floatie on the ground and put it around me. It helped so people weren’t bumping into me. I was having too much fun to remember to take a photo with me wearing the floatie. I named the floatie Bertie.

Bertie the Floatie

We left before the end, so we would beat the crowds on the train. Ivan and I had an awesome time at Elrow Town London. If you ever see an Elrow event near you, go buy tickets and get ready for an awesome time. Elrow is coming to Las Vegas in October. I can’t wait!!!

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