Dig This Las Vegas Review

Ivan, George, Theo, and I recently went to Dig This Las Vegas. It’s always fun to do things together as a family. First, we were going to do the mini excavator dig with the kids. Kids 3 and up are allowed to do the mini excavator dig with their parent’s help. Kids who are 8 years old and up are allowed to do an excavator dig on their own.

Kids Digs

Ivan and George were in one excavator while Theo and I were in another.

Me & Theo in a mini excavator

Our instructor told us the controls. I was picking up rocks and moving them to another area. Theo wasn’t really interested. He kept saying No! (typical toddler!) and trying to stop me from controlling my left hand. George thought it was cool.

He loved to honk the horn which he thought was really funny.

Ivan & George digging away

It was a fun time for everybody!

Next, it was time for me to do an excavator dig. My instructor Brian told me all the safety issues and informed me what I would be doing during the dig. I was nervous since it sounded hard and I wasn’t exactly good at the controls on the mini excavator. But, it definitely didn’t help when a toddler wasn’t really letting you do anything.

Individual Dig

It was time to control the huge 313FL excavator all by myself!

Dig This Las Vegas

Brian gave me a headset which he would be communicating with me during my dig. I’m so glad since I knew I would need the help. Brian told me all the basic controls. I started digging and scooping the dirt and moving it to a different spot. I was digging a big, long hole.

Dig This Las Vegas

Brian said he was worried since it looked like a grave which it did! I really liked digging the hole since I was learning the controls.

Brian said my first game would be making a tire pyramid. He showed me how to grab a 2,000 lb. tire and then I had to move it to the opposite side where my pyramid would be built.

I moved 4 tires to make a tire pyramid, not the best looking pyramid but close enough!

Excavator Wheelie

Brian had me move the excavator up a hill. I got to spin it around real fast.

It was so cool and fun! I moved the excavator up the hill for my last game. I was going to play basketball. Basketballs were on top of orange cones. I grabbed the basketball in the basket and then put it inside a tire. I was really getting a hang of all the controls. I was fabulous at putting the basketball in the tire. It was great fun! Sadly, my time was up and I had to leave the excavator. I really enjoyed my time controlling the excavator. I was actually pretty good at it! It’s always cool to try something new, you might just be good at it!

Dig This Las Vegas

Brian gave me a certificate at the end for completing my first dig. I had a fabulous time at Dig This Las Vegas. This would be a great activity for a bachelor party, birthday party and tourists looking for something fun in Las Vegas. I highly recommend it! I really dug it!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own and unbiased.

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