Dancing and Rock with the Hubby

It’s always wonderful when my husband Ivan and I get some time to go out and have fun without George.  We went out twice last week within two days.

It was EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) this past weekend, so lots of awesome DJs were in town playing at the pools and nightclubs.

We definitely had to go see our favorite DJ Fatboy Slim since he was playing at the dayclub Daylight on June 18 2015.  Our friend Annie agreed to babysit.  Hooray for friends who love to babysit!  I think it’s because George is so cute.

I wore my new tank top that I got graffiti’d by Enok at a friend’s party.  It’s cute and funny.

Sexy MILF graffiti tank top

I didn’t get to wear it long since we wanted to go in the pool since it was so hot out.

We ran into our friend Ana and her friend.  It was nice to chat with her and dance while Ivan was getting drinks.

Fatboy Slim came on and started playing fun music.  They were passing out yellow smiley faces (Fatboy Slim’s logo) and I had to grab one.

Me with my Fatboy Slim smiley face

We had four – I was saving one for Ana, but she got one.  I was quite protective of these smiley faces.  An English guy kept trying to get one for his friend, but I wasn’t having that.

Later on, Ivan was in the loo.  A different English guy was trying to grab one of the yellow faces from me.  I told him just coz I’m small doesn’t mean you can take things from me.  He kept trying.  I told him I wasn’t afraid of him and to stop.  His friend kept saying that he liked me and that he was a good guy.  I told him I didn’t care.  The English guy grabbed my bathing suit strap.  That really pissed me off and I kicked him in the balls.  That surprised him, but I don’t think I hit very hard since he didn’t seem too phased by it.  Or maybe he was just trying to look like he didn’t even feel it to save face.  I hope he won’t bug any more short girls again.  Guys should know better to mess with short girls coz we’re feistier and maybe a bit crazy (well, in my case haha).  Ivan came back and the English guy didn’t bug me anymore.

It was amazing to dance and actually be able to drink.  Fatboy Slim played an awesome set which lasted almost 2 hours long.

iJen at Fatboy Slim at Daylight

We always have a good time when we see him.  Ivan and I both wished he could play for another 2 hours.  Fatboy Slim always looks like he’s enjoying himself. He kept putting on masks which had his face on it and moving his mouth. It was so funny.  We ended up with only one yellow smiley face since Ivan lost a few.


Ivan and I went to see Steel Panther on June 20, 2015.  They’re a band who play rock music with covers like Van Halen and Guns N’ Roses and their own funny songs.

Steel Panther has gotten quite popular.  The last time we saw them, it was free for locals.  We had to pay this time and it was even more packed than when it was before.  It was really crowded downstairs especially the area near the stage.  I noticed people in the balcony, so we headed up there.  We grabbed seats and enjoyed the show.  I’m glad we got to sit since I didn’t want to stand for the whole show.  We usually find our way to the front, so I can see better.  I don’t like big crowds since I’m so short.  Sometimes, people hit me with their elbows without noticing.  It’s quite annoying.

The sound was rockin’ up in the balcony at the House of Blues.

Steel Panther at House of Blues Las Vegas

Steel Panther were funny making fun of the crowd and the other band members and… of course bringing up girls to show their boobs.  I’m not sure how they get away with the crazy things that happen on stage.  It was a cool set with songs like It Won’t Suck Itself, Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World and Gangbang at the Old Folks Home.  We’re hoping we get to see them again this Saturday.

It was nice to visit the Old Life again.  What did you do this past weekend?

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