Dad’s 3 Baby Essentials

Hey, it’s George’s daddy Ivan.  I’ve been a dad for over 14 months now and I think there are 3 baby essentials every parent needs. 

1. Diaper Genie – This product is a MUST.  It’s very easy to stick your dirty diapers inside and it keeps the smell out of your house.  I’ve asked family members if they bought one and my sister-in-law said that they would just put it in the bin (trash can).  It would stink up your bin and you’d get a smelly surprise every time you opened up the bin.  No, thanks.  It’s easy to take out the old diaper bag when it’s full … although, Jen doesn’t seem to know how to empty the Diaper Genie or put the new refill in.  I guess she thinks it’s a man’s job to do this.  I will sit her down and teach her one of these days.  She better learn how to use it or I’m going on diaper changing strike!

2. Baby Bjorn – I love the Baby Bjorn.  It’s so simple to place your baby inside and then you can do housework (nothing crazy like chopping up onions!), go shopping or take out the trash. 

George in the Baby Bjorn

George and I love walking around the neighborhood (or anywhere, really!) while he’s in the Baby Bjorn.  He loves to look around at a different and better perspective. 

3. Portable Hook-on High Chair –  I never knew these existed until I was searching for baby high chairs on Amazon.  These high chairs are genius!  High chairs in restaurants are always too hard and too low.  The poor baby or toddler feels so lonely being down low isolated from everybody. 

George eating in his portable high chair

With the portable high chair, the baby/toddler is part of the dinner.  Hurray!  Everybody always comments on how cool it is.  It hooks on to almost every sturdy table.  We use this a lot, so we can enjoy a meal out with George.

What are your favorite baby essentials?

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4 thoughts on “Dad’s 3 Baby Essentials

    1. George loved the rocking swing. He slept so long in it and it’s great when you want to take a shower or a nap. Merry Christmas to you, Leanne!

  1. The portable high chair is a must for me. I find that restaurants do not clean their in house high chairs good enough and they can carry germs to my baby so I always take my own when eating out. Plus I like them to be at the table with us.

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