Bluum Box June 2015 Review

I always get excited when the Bluum box arrives because I have no idea what kind of goodies are waiting inside the orange box.

The Bluum box contains organic or environmentally friendly toys and products for your child based on their age.  You can customize the box by letting the website know what milestones your baby has reached, so that future boxes will contain products suitable for your child.

The box is very sturdy and my husband and I have reused the boxes for keepsakes, light bulbs and craft supplies.

Orange Bluum box

There’s an option on the website to pick if you want products just for your child or for you and your child.  I had it for me and my child, but I haven’t gotten anything in months.  I prefer George gets the toys or products especially since sometimes you only get 4 products in the box. 

Inside the Bluum box

I opened the box and the products are covered by cute heart covered tissue.  There’s also weird brown paper packing stuff at the bottom.  I don’t like the brown packing stuff since it seems to get everywhere and George tries to eat it. 

The Bluum box always comes with a card stating the month your baby or child is. 

Bluum box 10 month card

This month it’s 10 months old for George.  He was born 2 weeks late and we forgot to change the date on the Bluum site.  It doesn’t really matter since we think George is advanced for his age.  I like the card since it comes with a cute picture and a great quote. 

If you want to know about the products in your box, log on to the Bluum website and it shows you the products in your monthly box once the box has been delivered. 

Here’s the products in the Bluum Box for June 2015.

Piyo Piyo baby nail clippers

Piyo Piyo baby nail clippers is $5.01.  I have a set of Babies R Us nail clippers, but I frequently lose them.  It’s definitely handy to get a second pair.  It has a clear cover which makes it look nice, but I’m sure this will get lost soon.  It’s yellow with a cute duck on it.  Yellow has never been my favorite color, but I do like ducks.  I like how small the nail clippers are compared to the big Babies R Us clippers.

Piyo Piyo & Babies R Us nail clippers

It cuts George’s nails great, almost exactly like the Babies R Us clippers except the Piyo Piyo clippers doesn’t make his nails as sharp – just a small difference in how sharp the nails are.

 Dandelion Hand Crocheted Rattle, Grandfather

Dandelion Hand Crocheted Rattle, Grandfather is $9.99.  George has other rattles by this company: Giraffe shaker, organic ring rattle and crinkle book. This rattle is organic which is a plus.  The material feels good and well made.  The rattle makes a sound that’s about medium on the loudness scale. Grandfather looks angry or rather passive though.  We usually have names for all of George’s toys, so I decided to name this one after his Grandpa Ken.  George’s Grandpa Ken is a lot happier though.  George likes this rattle.  He shakes it and tries to eat it like most of his toys.

 First Years Baby Teething Tool Hammer

First Years Baby Teething Tool Hammer is $6.30. This teether looks like a little baby hammer which is really cute.  The top of the hammer is really big.  George does try to bite it, but it doesn’t seem to stay in his mouth since it’s so big.  I’ve been banging things with it and he seems to like it. 

 Waterproof Superbib Dr. Seuss by Bumpkins, Green Eggs and Ham for 6-24 months

Waterproof Superbib Dr. Seuss by Bumpkins, Green Eggs and Ham for 6-24 months is $7.95. I have received the Superbib, Blue Fizz in a previous Bluum box.  I love the Dr. Seuss books.  The bib is colorful just like the books.  The fabric is thin and waterproof.  There’s a pocket on the bottom which can catch any falling food.  The bib is huge on George which is good since it covers a lot more than most bib and he’s usually quite messy or maybe it’s just how Ivan feeds him.  The bib is easily washed with soap and water and it dries fast.

Piyo Piyo Four Stage Waterproof Bib for 4 months+

Piyo Piyo Four Stage Waterproof Bib for 4 months+ is $8.50.  This bib is plastic and has an adjustable closure up to four different sizes.  There’s a food tray on the bottom to catch any falling food.  The food tray can be adjusted to two height settings.  These bibs are a great idea, but they’re always too big.  When George sits in the high chair with his tray and this bib, it doesn’t stay down.  It will go over the tray and just get in the way.  George doesn’t like it.

George wearing the Piyo Piyo waterproof bib

He just wants to take it off, but he can’t.

The closure is very strong and prevents your baby from taking it off.  George likes to take his bibs off sometimes, so this is a great feature.  This bib would be good if you’re feeding your baby finger foods and there’s no tray in front of your baby.  Then, the food that falls will hopefully make it into the food tray.

 A Deserving Health coupon for 10% for me and a friend.  The card says We hope you have enjoyed our product!  This confused me since I didn’t get anything from Deserving Health.  I looked on the Bluum website to see if I was missing any products and I wasn’t.  It’s advertising for their site. Deserving Health sells natural products like baby products, skin care, treatments and also homeopathic medicine.  I’m not going to use the coupon, so I thought I’d share it here.  Check out their site and save 10% with the BLUUMFRIEND code.

I have the 6 month Bluum box subscription which is $25 a month.  This month’s box came with 5 products and a coupon.  The total of the products is $37.75 with Amazon prices which works out great since it’s a lot more than the monthly box cost.

Jen’s Review
This month’s box was pretty good, but not the best.  I didn’t like that it came with two bibs that were similar.  We could always use bibs since it seems like we go through bibs really fast.  I just don’t think the Piyo Piyo waterproof bib will be used much, so I took off half a point for that.  I really do like the other products and they will be used a lot.

Rating3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Disclosure: I bought this box on my own and receive it monthly. I didn’t receive any compensation for reviewing this box. I have stated my own opinions about these products. This post does contain affiliate links. The prices posted may be different since prices on Amazon change often.

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