Beach Bash Dinner at Margaritaville Las Vegas

I was excited to be invited to my first Vegas Lifestyle Influencers dinner. It was a Beach Bash dinner at Margaritaville. I sat down where my name tag was placed. A pineapple goodie bag was waiting for me on my plate filled with a few things. I decided to keep mine unopened so I could take photos of it later on. Melanie did a great job putting everything together.

It was my first time dining at Margaritaville.

Beach Bash Dinner at Margaritaville Las Vegas

The restaurant décor is beach and nautical themed with many cool things like an airplane, boats, palm trees, fishing poles, and fish.

It was great to meet some of the members I’ve been following on Instagram. I actually don’t have any blogger or influencer friends, so it was great to finally meet some.

Beach Bash Dinner at Margaritaville Las Vegas

I ordered a strawberry tropical fruit margarita. Yum!


It was time for some food. Started off with the humongous volcano nachos. I’ve heard about how big these nachos were. Margaritaville also served us asiago crab and artichoke dip, Caribbean chicken egg rolls, and lava lava shrimp. The food was really tasty! My favorite was the lava lava shrimp.

Beach Bash Dinner at Margaritaville Las Vegas

It’s a fun atmosphere in the restaurant. A show goes on every hour that includes two men on stilts dancing around and a woman in a bikini spinning above a big Booze in the Bucket. The men in stilts also make balloon hats for guests.

I sat next to Nicole, Roma, Johanna, Amber, and Sabrina. We talked about our lives and blogging. I was bummed that I didn’t get to meet some of the other girls on the other side of the table. Hope to meet them next time!

Beach Bash Dinner at Margaritaville Las Vegas
Picture by Corey Bond

I got some great goodies in the pineapple goodie bag.

Beach Bash Dinner at Margaritaville Las Vegas

I received a pretty homemade bracelet made by Modern Siren, sunscreen by Coola Suncare and sea shampoo and conditioner by VERB. Thanks to all the cool sponsors! It was a fun night of chatting and great food. Thanks, Margaritaville! Looking forward to the next dinner with Vegas Lifestyle Influencers.

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