Baby Prom

I decided to start doing The 52 Project from Practicing Simplicity which encourages you to take a picture of your baby weekly, so then you have some great pictures for the year and you can make a great book and it will help you remember moments in his year.  Ivan and I definitely take LOTS of pictures of George.  But, this is a great opportunity for me to start taking photos with my nice DSLR camera more.  I really love taking photos and I don’t seem to remember to bring out the DSLR.

George went to Parachute Prom in Paris (Baby Prom) at Gymboree on Friday.  He was all dressed up in a cute, fancy suit pants outfit.  The babies were given crowns in gold or silver.  There was some snacks, a backdrop where you can get photos done (available to purchase from the photographer), activities and a Queen Elsa.  A Prom King and Prom Queen were announced at the end.

Here’s George sucking on his thumb, but he puts it on the side which is so cute.

George sucking his thumb

My royal baby looked so cute.  He had fun playing with the other babies.  He didn’t like the crown.  He doesn’t like anything on his head.  We had to distract him to make him forget it was on his head.  He remembered though and took it off later on.

How was your week?  Let me know what you did this week.

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