Ah Goo Baby Kneekers Review


Our friend and neighbor Michael was talking about George’s knees since he crawls on our concrete floors.  He wondered if we should be putting him in pants.  I didn’t think George’s knees were being affected much even though he was wearing shorts since it’s already warm in Las Vegas in May.  Shortly after, the Bluum box arrived and a pair of Ah Goo Baby Kneekers,The Monster style arrived in the mail. 

The Ah Goo Baby Kneekers are $7.99 for Lean Leg and $14.95 for Chunkalilcious Leg.  It wasn’t listed on the product, but it looks like I received the Lean Leg size.

The material on the Kneekers are good quality and has the same type of stretchy material as an ankle wrap does.

I put the Kneekers on George as high as possible. 

George touching the Ah Goo Baby Kneekers

He likes to touch the monsters and doesn’t know what it is.  He’s so very curious!

George crawling in the Ah Goo Baby Kneekers

It’s easy enough to move with the Kneekers on.  They’re quite tight, but it makes sense since they have to stay up in order to protect the knees.

George standing with his Kneekers on

George wore the Kneekers for 10 minutes before one started moving down his leg. 

The Ah Goo Baby Kneekers falling

It’s obvious that they’re bound to fall off the intended place since babies move a lot.  The Kneekers did leave a mark on his legs after taking them off.  It wasn’t so restrictive that it was cutting off his circulation.  I guess if you don’t mind that they fall and you have to keep pulling them, then go buy it.  For me, I would rather save the hassle of doing that and just put him in pants.  We put George in shorts and he crawls everywhere even our concrete floors and he’s fine.

If you want to read more about the company, go here.

Jen’s Review
The Ah Goo Baby Kneekers are good quality.  It sounds like a great idea but only works for a short time.  George won’t be using this again, so I knocked a half star for that.
Rating: [usr 2.5]

Disclosure: I received this product as part of the Bluum box that I pay for and receive monthly. I haven’t received any compensation for this review. The opinions written in this review are my own. This post does contain an affiliate link. The prices posted may be different since prices on Amazon change often.

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