5 Reasons Why Date Nights are Good For You

Ivan and I love to go on date nights. We try to go once or twice a week. Love to see Las Vegas shows, eat good food and watch movies.

I really think it’s important to go on date nights as much as possible. I list 5 reasons why Date Nights are good for you.

1. A Break from Your Kids

Your kids are lovable, but they can drive you crazy. It’s always nice to have a night away and go to a restaurant where you don’t have to worry about entertaining your son/daughter during dinner. It’s great to get away from the house and eat a fancy meal.

Having dessert during Date Night

It’s a dream to watch a movie without a screaming kid. Ivan and I love seeing new shows on the Las Vegas Strip. A break from the kids is a good thing and will make you happy.

2. Less Stress

Raising kids can be stressful. They scream, they fight with each other, they throw things and run around like crazy. Some days are so stressful and you just hope you get a chance to get away from the chaos. Getting out on a date night will be fun and reduce your stress.

3. Social Aspect

When you’re a stay at home parent like me, you just want some social interaction with other adults. You are with your kids all day and you can’t wait to talk about something other than Paw Patrol or Mickey Mouse.

Being social during Date Night

It’s nice to have a real conversation for once. We usually don’t talk about the kids during date night. It’s good to be social so you don’t get depressed.

4. Connect with Your Spouse

It’s always important to connect with your spouse. At home, you’re a parent and sometimes you forget you’re part of a couple.

Having Italian food during Date Night

It’s good to keep the spark in your relationship. Kiss, hold hands, hug and stare into each other’s eyes. Do the things you seem to forget about when you’re with the kids.

5. Pretend Like You Don’t Have Kids

Do you remember the time when you didn’t have kids? Life was so different. Life was easier. Life was so carefree. You didn’t have to rush back because you had to feed your baby. You could drink as much as you wanted. You could dance the night away with no worries at all. I know it’s bad, but I don’t think about my kids much when we’re on a date night. I know it’s SO bad, but I like to feel free again. We have to come back at a certain time. I feel like Cinderella, rushing to get back home before midnight… except my fancy outfit will turn into a spit-up covered t-shirt and shorts.

Enjoying ourselves during Date Night

Date nights are good for your health! Who knew?! There are so many benefits like reducing your stress and being happier. You have to be your best self for your kids. Don’t forget to find some time for you and your partner. You won’t regret it! Why do you think Date Nights are important?

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10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Date Nights are Good For You

    1. Christie – Thanks! They definitely are important. It’s good to keep that spark alive in a relationship.

  1. when kid were small i did not want to go nowere and then like you we live in utah and wanted to go out and eat so i get some one to sit and then we take the bus and go some were

  2. Yes, yes, yes!

    I’ve been advocating and planning to go on a date night for 4.5 years… (guess how old my daughter is?)

    We still haven’t managed it.

    Your post has given me the inspiration and commitment to do it. Right, where’s my calendar?

    1. You definitely need to plan a date night now! Hope that it happens for you soon. 🙂 I think I would go crazy without date nights.

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