5 Backpacking Essentials

Backpacking is a great way to travel. You have to be smart and pack light. This list features great products that every backpacker should be carrying in their backpack.

Essentials for Backpackers

Good pair of shoes

I love a good pair of hiking shoes that are waterproof. Walking around cities can be very tiring, so having a comfortable pair of shoes is essential. The waterproof shoe comes in handy since you never know if you’re going to book a trek that involves water like white water rafting or hiking through a forest with a stream. Don’t forget to break your shoes in, otherwise, you might get blisters.

Packing Bags

5 Backpacking Essentials

I love these bags for minimizing space. I had a bag for bras, underwear and socks, another one for makeup, and one for toiletries. These bags keep your things organized. It helps save room in your backpack, so you have more room for buying souvenirs.

Silk Sack

I never knew about silk sacks until my husband told me I needed one for my first backpacking trip. They are great for overnight bus journeys or shady looking bedsheets. I love that the silk sacks keep you cool. The silk sacks fit into a small bag. Don’t forget to wash your sleep sack every now and then!

Money Belt

Money Belt

Money belts are perfect for holding your money and allowing you to conceal it from thieves. Hide it under your shirt or in your jeans for extra security. It’s always good to keep extra money inside in case of emergencies.


I know it sounds funny, but earplugs can really save you! It comes in handy when there’s a snoring backpacker in your room, noisy neighbors or a party going on at the nightclub next door.


It’s always great to buy products that help minimize space since you’re traveling light. Buying smart products will help you out along your backpacking trip.

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