4th of July Weekend

My husband Ivan has created a show called Alibi Las Vegas.  He co-wrote it and he produces it.  There’s 8 shows that happen every Saturday.  It’s a fun show that takes place on the street which is part game, part show, part scavenger hunt and part bar/restaurant crawal.  I help him out some Saturdays while George is being watched by his Lola (Grandma) and Lolo (Grandpa). 

I really enjoy taking photos, but I don’t get a chance to do it much at my own pace where I can frame the picture and try to make it perfect.  I’ve been taking my Canon DSLR when I work with Ivan, so I can take photos of Downtown.  I wasn’t the big fan of Downtown before Ivan started his show there.  I just thought it was too far.  I have grown to love it because of the energy and the art you can discover.

After I dropped something off for the show, I headed to Fremont Street Experience and took a few shots.  I was just in time to see people on the zipline. 

Ziplining on the Zoomline

I’ve ridden the lower one at Slotzilla before during one of our 8 themed weddings in one day (yes, I said 8!) , but I’ve never gone on the higher one which is called Zoomline where you go on the zipline Superman style like you’re flying.  I’m sure I’ll do it someday.

I headed further down Fremont and headed to Fremont East.  This is where the trendy bars and restaurants are. 

High Heel & Showgirl neon signs

I love the old neon signs in the middle of the street.  I just love cool neon signs.  I walked even more to Container Park

Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas

I love this place since it’s filled with cool shops and restaurants, a playground with a long slide.  I took some pictures of the outside and went back to work. 

Metal Heart & Praying Mantis at Container Park

It was great to be able to take some good pictures of the outside of Container Park – something I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

Ivan and I packed everything up later on and headed to my parent’s house for 4th of July fireworks and a BBQ.  My parents host a BBQ every year for 4th of July.  We were an hour late, but I made sure my mum saved us some food.  There was so much food!  My mum makes awesome BBQ chicken, tempura shrimp, noodles, etc.  I wish I took a picture of my food to show you, but I was so hungry that I just dug in.

My brother, sister-in-law, sister and brother-in-law always buy so many fireworks.  My nieces and nephews are aged from 8 years old to 14 years old.  They LOVE lighting the fireworks which is great since my brother used to do most of it before. 

All of my nieces and nephews got scared of the fireworks when they were babies.  George wasn’t even scared.

Fireworks on 4th of July

The kids loved lighting up the fireworks, sometimes a few at once.  I don’t like the whistling ones since they’re annoying.  My brother also had some cool ones that shot into the air.  George did jump from the noise of one of the fireworks that was shooting into the sky.

Collage of 4th of July with the family

It was a fun night with great food and lots of fireworks.  George loved watching it.  We went home since we were so tired from working all day and waking up early.

We had our first Italian couchsurfers staying with us for a few nights.  Anna and Daniele are a fun couple who are on a long RTW trip and arrived later that night.

On Sunday July 5th, Ivan and I along with Anna, Daniele and Noelle and Chris went to XS Sunday Night Swim.  We got our hands stamped.  Then, we sushi at Ra Sushi which was delicious as usual.  It’s cheaper during their Happy Hour which is from 8 pm til closing on Sunday nights.  The sake is tasty and only $3 a carafe.  We had a few of those since the drinks at the club are expensive.  We had lots a great time chatting about our travels and life.  Anna, Noelle and I got 2 free drink tickets each from the guest list since we’re girls.  So, we definitely had more drinks at the club.

XS Night Swim with friends

XS Sunday Night Swim is the best pool party in Vegas and it’s even better that it’s at night.  You can dance in the pool and splash around and not worry about the sun beating down on you.  We love all the cool floaties they had.  The theme was Bite Night, so there were loads of sharks in the pool.  I thought Deadmau5 was a big shark fan, but I found out later that it’s Shark Week.  They had flamingos, rafts and a HUGE ball that people kept tossing in the air.  I kept watching my head when the ball was near me since I thought it might knock me out since I’m small. 

I get a bit crazy when I’m drunk.. you might remember what I did at Fatboy Slim.  Nothing too out of hand, but I do things and say things I probably wouldn’t do or say when I’m sober.  I’m a more exaggerated crazier version of myself when I’m drunk.

I was in happy drunk mood mode.  I was hugging Chris, Noelle and my new Italian friends and telling them I love them. 

I didn’t know what time it was and I asked a girl for the time and she told me it was 1:30 am.  I said. “When’s Deadmau5 coming on?”  She said he’s on.  I was having too much fun to even notice the boring music.  The DJ usually makes a big deal when he first comes on.  The music was TOO ambient.  It was chill out music when it should have been fun dancing music.  WTF?!  It’s not an after party where you’re just trying to chill out.. it’s a fun pool party.  We’ve never seen Deadmau5 and I’m sure we won’t see him again.  Ivan and I aren’t fans.  I’m sure he’s only popular because he wears that big mouse head.

Ivan and I always notice that there aren’t many black people who come to see DJs who play house music.  I usually count how many black people are in the nightclub or dayclub.  I’m not sure why, but it always just proves that black people don’t really like house music. 

So, I saw a black guy and asked him why he liked house music.  He said that it sounded good.  I said I never really see black people in the clubs or dayclubs.  I told him I counted that there were 10 people at Fatboy Slim.  He was actually there at Fatboy Slim.  I told him most black people just like hip hop or rap.  His name was Mark and a local.  I told him he needs to spread the word to his black friends and bring them to see these cool DJs. 

Later, I saw another black guy and asked him the same thing.  He probably thought I was crazy.  I told him the same thing.  I guess I was on an unofficial mission to get more black people listening to house music and coming to see the DJs at the nightclubs and dayclubs. 

Anna, Noelle and I all jumped on a raft one at a time and tried to stay standing as long as possible before falling into the pool.  It was fun! 

Everybody loves splashing when the music goes nuts.  XS Night Swim is an amazing night.  If you’re ever in Las Vegas, you must come to XS Night Swim which happens in the summer only.  We always have a fun time there.  I can’t wait until we go back.

Photo Credits: XS Night Swim by Noelle

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